How To Get Married In Dubai & Georgia In Time Of Corona Virus | Ready to marry in Georgia?

How to get married in Dubai & Georgia in time of Corona virus? [Updated 6/4/20]

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UAE & Dubai weddings are called off due to Covid-19 outbreak

As most of you may have already heard about it, wedding ceremonies are cancelled in Dubai because of the coronavirus. You can read more about it in

This has a direct impact on a lot of people who were planning to tie the knot in Dubai in March & April 2020. As we can easily imagine, a lot of couples will be losing big because of it.

Latest news from Georgia & Dubai Airport

Is there a way to get married in Dubai during the corona virus?

Well, as you can imagine, Dubai authorities have completely banned wedding ceremonies in an ongoing effort to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 in the UAE. So legally there is no available option to “say yes” in Dubai, Sharjah & the other emirates for the coming months. So the easy answer is no, you cannot get married in Dubai in April & most likely May.

What alternatives to get legally married in Dubai during the corona outbreak?

But let’s be positive there is still hope!

Due to the current circumstances a lot of people have been looking for alternatives to get married in other countries.

Until mid-march, you could have flown to Seychelles or Georgia. Unfortunately as of today, all borders are closed and it is not possible to fly to Georgia.

Option A – As soon as borders reopen

Step 1 – Make sure, you’re allowed to travel and enter the country

Get the latest travel updates to Georgia

From the IATA website make sure to check the latest requirements and updates regarding travels to & from Georgia

If your country or nationality is not part of the banned countries, you’re almost fine! You will be able to travel to Georgia and our team will be handling all the paperwork for you after you left. Do not hesitate to double-check directly on their Facebook chat

Get the latest travel updates to Dubai

From the Dubai airport website, you will have the latest news regarding travels to & from Dubai . Alternatively, you can also contact Dubai airport directly on facebook

Get the latest travel updates directly from IATA website

You can also directly have a look into the official IATA website they release regular updates regarding the travel bans and other restrictions.

Step 2 – Prepare you for an express wedding in Georgia

Marry in Georgia in 1 day only

Due to the regular changes from the UAE & Georgian authorities our best advice will be to go as soon as possible and stay as little as possible. Our recommendation is to reach Georgia on the first flight at 3am, and flying out on the same day at 11pm.

Get all the paperwork and process ready before you come

Before you do anything, our team will make sure that all is safe for you to travel. Once we confirm that all is good, we will prepare the paperwork using only your passport copy. The day you come our team will be with you from the pickup until the drop off to the airport to make sure we do it in 1 or 2 days maximum.

Step 3 – Get ready to enter Georgia

What to bring if you want to marry in Georgia in 1 day during the corona outbreak

The Georgian border police is currently playing very safe and deporting anyone not able to justify their last trips. Before flying we strongly advise you to bring

  • In and out certificate in English made by the border police of your residence country
  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • A health certificate issued by a doctor in the UAE and translated in English mentioning that you are corona free. If possible made 24h maximum before the flight

How to get an in & out certificate before flying in Dubai?

You can request an in and out certificate in English directly from the police office in the airport. Make sure to get it in English & stamped. This will be the official proof local authorities may ask before you enter Georgia.

Option B – That’s the bad news

If you are actually present in Dubai or any of the GCC countries, there is no available option. You will have to wait for borders to reopen.


As you can see, time is running against couples willing to marry together in March, April & May. Nobody knows how will evolve the situation. All we can tell you is that today it is still possible. So if you’re in a hurry to no taking risk and fly as soon as possible!

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