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Foreign Marriage in Georgia: How legal is a Georgian wedding?


Foreign Marriage in Georgia legal? Or in other words is Georgian Wedding certificate legal?

Yes. The Georgian wedding certificate and is foreign marriage in Georgia legal

Will you have to legalize your Foreign Marriage in Georgia certificate?

It is legal but you will have to get it recognized through your embassy.

Georgia offers an apostille wedding certificate. Which means over a hundred countries recognize an apostille wedding certificate as official.

But it is not enough. 

You will have to register it at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will have to get it translated, and in most of the cases you will have to register it at your embassy. Either your embassy in Georgia or your embassy in the country you live.

Why legalizing your wedding certificate with Easy Wedding Georgia is a good idea?

Easy Wedding Georgia is an international company. Not only it is registered in Dubai, but it is also registered in Georgia and has its own Georgian team onboard!

That’s why proceeding the wedding certificate and cooperating is super easy.

You can do all the paperwork by yourself of course. It’s still easy. But if you don’t feel like doing it, and you want to spend more time exploring the beautiful country of Georgia or maybe you have an emergency to come back to in the country of your residence – we are happy to assist you.

The process is simple. One of our team members does all the necessary steps – registering your wedding certificate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, translating it and registering at your embassy. The process might take up to a week or two.

Once it’s done the finalized and completely legalized wedding certificate will be shipped from our Georgian office to our Dubai office, where you can receive it. Or if you live in some other GCC country it will be shipped directly to you.

Looking for a little more than just a legalized wedding certificate? Check our blog post about a Georgian wedding. You can always chose some other package, such as our Cute wedding package and have some sweet wedding add-ons such as flowers, photographer and even wedding arch!

What is the add you can’t imagine your wedding without?

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Is the Georgian wedding legit?
Yes. Georgia provides an apostille wedding certificate. Which means as any apostille document it is legal, official and recognized in over a 100 countries.
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