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Detailed facts about a civil wedding in the UAE


A civil wedding is common in many climes because it is a means of registering marriages with the government. It is a legal and approved way of forming a respectable marriage union. In the UAE, a civil wedding is available to both Muslim and non-Muslim couples.

Couples who chose the UAE as a wedding destination might want to know how the civil marriage process occurs. This post explains all there is to a civil wedding in the UAE. The option of Georgia will also be examined.

Steps in the UAE civil wedding process

There are a few important steps that couples must take to complete a civil wedding in the UAE. Here is a basic overview of the guidelines to follow:

  1. Get your documents ready: Some of the most important documents that will be required for this wedding are;
  • The couple’s passports
  • Their filled-up marriage application form
  • Emirate’s ID if any of them are residents in the country
  • Evidence that point to no existing marriage, and
  • A marriage agreement (if they wish to have one)

2. Notify the court of your interest to marry.

3. Submit all the required documents.

4. Finally, be present on the assigned day when the official process.

Some documents that prove that there is no existing marriage are; divorce certificates or the death certificate of a deceased partner. Also, note that a civil wedding in the UAE takes place in Abu Dhabi and it can happen in one day if the couple comes fully prepared with all essential documents.

Georgia as a notable alternative for a destination wedding

So, what if the couple will rather prefer another wedding destination? Georgia is a great country that provides premium wedding services. Its civil marriage process is just as fast as the one obtainable in the UAE. The couple will also explore the environment that is befitting for a wedding.

Like the UAE, Georgia also has a list of similar documents that the couple will need to marry. Once these are arranged, an express marriage will be conducted by the registry.

If you are interested in Georgia as a wedding destination, book a consultation with our wedding team. They will give you a comprehensive overview of what marriage in this country requires.

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