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Wedding locations in Dubai Vs Georgia


The UAE is rapidly gaining popularity as a gateway weddings for expats, and it provides a variety of exotic venues in which to tie the knot in style. When it comes to organizing a wedding beneath the Arabian skies, a destination wedding in Dubai is unquestionably at the top of the list.

On the flipside; Georgia which is just 3hours away by flight is not too far away from becoming one of the top destination wedding locations for GCC expats. Lets find out more.

Types of wedding locations in Dubai

When planning a destination wedding in Dubai, be prepared to be spoilt for choice with all kinds of wedding venue options at your disposal. There’s always a huge selection of spectacular venues that are sure to fulfil almost anyone’s wishes!

For a more relaxed luxury wedding setting, one can go with a luxury beach resort or even celebrate their nuptials at a private villa on a private beach island.

Swanky five-star hotels in downtown Dubai, such as the Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel and the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm, provide magnificent ballrooms and seaside alternatives for couples who desire a wonderful perspective of Dubai’s skyline, including a complete view of the Burj Khalifa.

And finally; how about a desert wedding under the stars in a traditional Bedouin camp or eco desert resort is another option worth considering.

Dubai, which is a melting pot of countries and cultures, can accommodate a wide range of weddings and celebrations. This is why it is one of the most popular wedding locations

Wedding locations in Georgia (Kakheti from August – November)

If you wish to gaze out over the Alazani Valley vineyards with a glass of amber wine in hand while taking in the spectacular vistas of the Caucasus, then it’s time to travel to Kakheti, Georgia’s most important wine region, a region whose magnificent beauty will leave you as tipsy as its wine.

Your wedding location will transport you back in time amongst the gorgeous vineyards of Georgia. Alternatively you can also decide to stay back and be introduced to the old winemaking techniques and allowing you to sample rare wines.

Final Verdict on Dubai Vs Georgia Weddings Locations

In recent years, there has been an inflow of foreign couples who have come to Georgia not just for its gorgeous scenery, but also to get married quickly. In comparison to the UAE, Georgia makes it very easy for interfaith and international couples to marry. So, whether it’s Dubai or Georgia, we’re confident you’ll make the proper choice.

Need some support planning your big day in Dubai or Georgia; we are just one consultation away.

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