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Marriage in Dubai at your embassy? Georgia vs Dubai. Legal requirements for UAE


Wedding day is one of the most important and biggest days of our lives. No one wants to keep the memories of this day as a hectic or tiresome day. Instead, everyone wants to remember it as one of the most beautiful and romantic days ever. But are you sure you can avoid tension and hassle if you are in Dubai and want to get a wedding certificate to your embassy? If so, then read how to get married in Dubai embassy in embassy that are not even all of those you might need to meet while opting for getting married in Dubai from your country’s embassy or consulate.

Wedding requirements of your country’s Embassy!

The first and the far most important thing to keep in mind is that embassies of different countries most have different requirements. They also take different processing times on each document and you’ll need to schedule your routine accordingly. But there are some of the requirements that pretty much all the embassies and consulates require the following:

  • The original birth certificates of both bride and the groom
  • The original national ID cards along with the original passport
  • Several passport-size pictures
  • A couple of eyewitnesses with their national ID cards and passports
  • Both the bride and the groom must provide information and proof regarding their current marital status such as divorced, widowed, or single.

Concluding Marriage in Dubai at your embassy? Georgia vs Dubai. Legal requirements for UAE

These are only the basic legal requirements for Dubai Embassy that your embassy will most probably ask you to provide for your marriage. Moreover, you might also have to meet some other unique requirements that the law of your home country instructs. It can cost you a considerable amount of time that you might not be able to afford. That’s why it’s wiser, easier, and more efficient to marry in Georgia.

Inform your loved ones about this information by also recommending them to get married in Georgia to save their time.

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