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I setup my first startup in Georgia in 2016. Since then, it’s been a love story with startups & Georgia. I was managing the technical part and now Liz is in charge of all.




Coming from a totally different industry, I am the one answering all your concerns. From taking your requirements to making crazy and unique trips for you, I am the one you’re looking for!

Our team

Composed of native georgians and expats, our team in Georgia is here for you. From the airport until the end of the formalities, we are here to make your experience unique!

With a French & Latin touch, our team is here to answer all your questions and help you make the right decision! We’ve been there before. So we know what you’re going through!

Our story

Easy Wedding Georgia started back in 2018. This love story started for us. After spending weeks online, investigating the steps & process to get the paperwork done, we realized that more people should benefit from our experience. We are now a dedicated team helping dozens of couples to make your wedding experience hassle free.

Getting you married is our job.

– Flo
We care about you
Media & Easy Wedding
  • 2022

    Inspired by their legal hassle

    Inspired by their legal hassle, the couple decided to set up their own wedding planning company Easy Wedding. “Once we returned, we decided to set up our own company to help couples like us who face legal nightmares when trying to register their marriage,” said Florian.
  • 2022

    Same service to couples all over the world

    The couple hopes to experiment with their metaverse wedding before offering the same service to couples all over the world, through their company Easy Wedding.
  • 2022

    Founders of Easy Wedding

    So you’re gonna be married in real life and at the same time into the metaverse? So how are you going to fix all you need?
  • 2022

    Easy Wedding was launched to help couples from different nationalities

    As its name suggests, Easy Wedding was launched to address the issues couples from different nationalities living internationally sometimes face. The company has overseen the nuptials of more than 800 couples, in destinations from the Seychelles and Malta, to Georgia and the US, as well as in Abu Dhabi.
  • 2022

    the wedding planning company, Easy Wedding, was born in Dubai

    The duo explained that it has become “the largest wedding agency in the GCC in less than two years”, having helped organize the marriage of more than 1,600 people from more than 180 countries.

Our Philosophy


We’re hassle free

We like simplicity. Your journey has to be as smooth and simple as we would have wanted ours. It took us time to make it simple. Let’s make sure you benefit from it!


We guarantee 100% refund

We like happiness. We do our best to make sure that all works fine. If for whatever reasons, we cannot provide you with your wedding certificate, we will refund you 100%.


We’ve been there too

We know how it feels. This adventure started with us. So we know how difficult it can be to get things done. Be sure that you will benefit from all our experience!


We do the extra miles with you

We are flexible. As we said, we like things simple. So we can customize your experience to match your expectations.

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