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How to get legally married affordably if you live in the GCC


Saving money is one of the most prevalent practises among practically all expats. That’s because living overseas may be too expensive, particularly in Dubai. Furthermore, if you are unmarried and have relocated to this part of the world to make a living, this essay is for you.

That’s because you’ll be getting married sooner or later, and you’ll need to know how much your legal wedding costs will be. Continue reading to learn the cost of a legal wedding in Dubai and Georgia.

Cost of Legal Wedding in Dubai

Firstly; let me warm you that getting married in Dubai might be fancy but definitely not that easy and affordable because of the state laws. In order to complete the marriage process, you must complete a large number of documents and prerequisites.

The following are some of the most crucial legal wedding costs on documents:

  • It is mandatory for all couples to go through a pre-marriage screening test, if you are living in Dubai which can cost you between AED 250 and AED 900, depending on the medical centre you choose.
  • The MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) form attestation charge is AED 160, which you will have to pay for the documents that you require attested from this institute.
  • The court charge for the wedding process in Dubai is about AED 1800.
  • You will also have to pay for the legalisation of your marriage in your country of origin. The cost of this procedure varies depending on the country. However, each stamp in your home nation can set you back around 45 dollars.

It’s merely the money you’ll have to spend on legal fees once again. The venue, reception, and clothing would be the key expenses and the cost for this would depend on the number of people being invited to the ceremony and at what time of the year.

Georgia Legal Wedding Cost

If you can’t afford to spend this much money on a wedding, you should consider getting married in Georgia. You may get the entire wedding procedure done for less than AED 10,000 here (for the legal requirements only).

Away from your everyday stressful and bustling schedule, you’ll also have a tranquil and pleasant time to spend with your sweetheart.

Final Verdict on Choosing between one of the GCC countries VS Georgia

While some couples might want to opt for traditionally big fat wedding; others might want to opt for something a tad bit low key. Possibly an intimate legal wedding which was affordable and wouldn’t break their bank. We always suggest couples to first evaluate their finances and preferences and then mutually decide what kind of of a wedding would work best for them

Are you getting married and struggling to make this big financial decision; speak to our team. We have helped tons of couples getting married and we’d love for you to be our next.

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