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What are the 10 best cities for your Wedding In Georgia in 2021?


How did we choose the top 10 places to get your wedding in Georgia?

Are you looking to get the perfect wedding in Georgia? If you are looking to do it we made a small blog post for you. Those are our top 10 cities to get married in Georgia.

We are mainly focusing on the landscape, photoshoot & nice gathering. Not much on the paperwork side. If you are looking for a simple and cute wedding in Georgia, we may have another solution for you! Otherwise, let’s start!

Here you can also find the easy and fast process that will allow you to understand how to get married in Georgia.

Best place to get in married in Georgia – Tbilisi

57Holy trinity cathedral of Tbilisi
Tbilisi, Georgia View of the Kura River

It may sound odd, but Tbilisi is actually our favourite place to get married in Georgia. It is well located, has a lot of activities and a few very nice landscapes.

All the following gives you good options when it comes to photoshoot: Sulphur Baths, The Holy Trinity Cathedral, Mtatsminda Park, Cable car, Mother Georgia, Narikala Fortress, Metekhi Church, Funicular, Clock Tower, Anchiskhati Basilica, Peace Bridge, Botanical Gardens, Abanotubani.

Sulfur bath house Tbilisi

2d best place to marry in Georgia – Mestia 

If you’re fine with driving about 470 km from Tbilisi, Mestia will give you a completely different vibe. You are not forced to do a full mountain hike, but if you want to get a nice feeling of outside & nice mountain pictures, that’s definitely a place to review.
Plus you can always finish by a 2-day hike in the surrounding areas!

View of the Svanetian towers with night illumination in Mestia village. Upper Svaneti, Georgia.

3d best place to marry in Georgia -Telavi

Well, some people may disagree on this one at the 3d place. We mainly decided to keep it for 2 reasons: the wine factories and the castle. So don’t make it wrong, it’s not the city of love at all. It, however, has some nice places to get a photoshoot in a totally medieval look and feel!

Telavi the Centre of Kakheti Region

4th best place for a wedding in Georgia – Stepantsminda

Ok, on this one we need to explain. The place itself has very little interest. You should either be there because you’re bored in Gudauri or because you are going to Kazbegi. You will have to drive about 160 km. But if you’re lucky and that the view is opened you will have an extraordinary view!

Friendship Arch in Kazbegi, Stepantsminda

5th best place to marry in Georgia -Mtskheta

If you manage to pronounce the name properly, it is already a good point! The best will be to add some extra letter M -i- T -sré- A. Most of the Georgians will understand you. For the rest, just hope you won’t have to ask them.
The main reason for us to get Mtkrét, mitré, this lovely city is because of the view and the church. Both will make your photoshoot an awesome moment. By the way, take care as it’s always super windy!

Jvari Monastery, Mtskheta
Svetitskhoveli, Mtskheta

6th best place for a wedding in Georgia – Sighnagi

Ok, ok, I know what you’re going to say. WTF… the city of love only in the 6th position?
The truth is that I am French (could explain some spelling mistakes on the way), so we cannot have 2 cities of love and we know which is the first one! But, because we are here to help you we have to show you Sighnagi.
Only far from Tbilisi by 100 km, this city has a lot of charm. A nice medieval touch, awesome food, and if you are lucky, awesome views!

Sighnaghi, city of lovers

The 7th best city to marry in Georgia -Batumi 

Ok, I have to confess, that I do not like too much Batumi. But this is more because I am French and I love the French riviera a lot. This being said, the 2d biggest cities in Georgia has a lot of things. From the nice streets to the sea view, you will find good spots for a perfect photoshoot!

Europe Square, Batumi

The 8th place to get married in Georgia – Borjomi

To travel or relax, Borjomi will be definitely in the top 3 cities. But when it comes to getting married, well .. I will put it after the others. If you’re coming on a sunny day. Borjomi is just wonderful and has a lot to give! If you’re coming on a foggy day, you may end up less happy.

Borjomi park
Timotesubani monastic complex, Borjomi

Our 9th favourite place for a wedding in Georgia – Zugdidi

Well, you’re now more on the bottom of the ranking. Getting married there won’t be as cool as the other ones. But the surrounding areas of Zugdidi are super nice. You will definitely have a good time!

Dadiani Palace, Zugdidi
Zugdidi Botanical Garden

10th best place to marry in Georgia -Vardzia

Vardzia is the ancient cave city of Georgia country, a complex of lobbies and rooms carved more than a thousand years ago. It will be a good adventure!

Vardzia, cave city

Quick tip: don’t forget to take a look at the legal checklist before you start planning your wedding in Georgia.

Final word on What are the 10 best cities for your Wedding In Georgia in 2021?

If you’re planning to get married soon then choose any of the cities mentioned above to have a wonderful and amazing wedding.

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