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Which destination wedding locations were trending in 2020


Destination weddings’ popularity is increasing every day. What else can help you to create a unique wed experience at the amazing location better than that; together with your family and friends or as a secret elope of you two.

Since all the popular European venues are at the big risqué after the hit of COVID-19, in this piece, we are sharing with you top 5 places to get married with the lowest confirmed Corona cases. Alternatively; we have the latest articles; which sheds light into 2021 destinations wedding locations for couples choosing to get married this year.

1# Iceland

How about the wedding at “The Land of Fire and Ice,”? Perfect location of this island offers you diverse backdrops of snow-covered glaciers and mountain ranges near thermal pools, hot springs, and active volcanoes. I can already imagine these splendorous photoshoots by the well-known Blue Lagoon.

Apart from its spectacular landscapes, the country is also known for being one of the most LGBTQ+-friendly countries in the world.

2# Thailand

Weddings along the beach or river front seem to top the list of choices to ring the wedding bells. Such an amazing budgeted wedding location offered in the paradise lands of Thailand.

A Southeast Asian country filled with a rich and unique culture. Great weather and alluring beaches sound like a great wedding scenery. Koh Samui is one of the best recommended places to host your big day and as a bonus you can go straight on a travelling honeymoon once the wedding day is over, so many beautiful places are nearby Thailand.

3# Malta

Malta is another idyllic location to cement your love – Offering stunning scenery. This Mediterranean island has a great range of wedding venues – would it be restored farm houses or private villas, plush gardens or secluded beaches. With its great history, culture and panoramic views there’s simply no bad choice when choosing the venue.

In addition to that, the Government of Malta approved the legislation of the same-sex marriages, which gives the possibility to marry to all loving hearts.


Georgia is named as a top emerging destination for 2020. And weddings in Georgia became trend this year too.

This country is the ideal destination for culture, gastronomy, diversity and architecture lovers. The “wow” effect is guaranteed and the choice of wedding options will surprise you. Either you want an express wedding over the weekend in Tbilisi with fast paperwork to be done, or maybe you are the dreamer and want a fairytale wedding ceremony on one of the Caucasus Hills or Vineyard experience at Kakheti region.


Make sure you checked out Punta Cana if you are seeking a sun-kissed destination for your special day. There are many golden-sand beaches and all-inclusive resorts, Awesome photoshoots are beyond your imagination as this picturesque island is surrounded by insanely turquoise waters.

And considering your budget – the most expensive thing remains the flight tickets apart from that everything else is really cheap (when I said really I meant it;😉)

Just to quickly sum-up each of these locations has all the makings for an epic weekend with your nearest and dearest. The choice is yours and there’re so many more to choose from.

Choose wisely)

Which of those would you consider for your marriage? What other destination would you go to marry?

Let us know below and we will share the best ideas.

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