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Seychelles vs Georgia: The better option for an easy wedding?


We all want to have a memorable, heartfelt wedding day. A destination wedding is a fantastic option for couples who want a magical and easy wedding. It is for this reason that expats living in countries like Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates favor Seychelles and Georgia.

When a GCC expat couple decides they want to have a family, they immediately think of their various embassies. This process often involves a lot of paperwork formality. If one of you is not a resident of the GCC countries or follows a different religion, this process may become much more problematic. The best choice for you would be to have an easy wedding in Seychelles or Georgia. This is especially true if you don’t have complete documentation and are a foreigner living in the GCC with a settlement permit.

Seychelles wedding

The Seychelles islands, are known for their pristine beaches and lush tropical jungles. If you are considering an easy destination wedding, Seychelles can make your big day all you hoped it might be.

Couples married in Seychelles must have a valid passport and birth certificate. If divorced or widowed, a change of name or death certificate (whichever is applicable) must be submitted as proof. 

The marriage certificate issued by the Seychelles Civil Status Office is a legal document that is recognized worldwide; however, before leaving the country, please check that the marriage certificates have been apostilled by the Seychelles Supreme Court and have been provided with a letter of Authentication by the Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More reasons to consider Seychelles as an option:

  • A visa-free alternative allows you to arrive at your destination in a few hours!
  • Even if your partnership comprises diverse ethnicities and religious beliefs, it is doable.
  • The expense of the marriage ceremony is far less than that of embassy constitutions.

Georgia wedding

With an official certificate, Georgia has everything needed for a wonderful wedding. Additionally, the ceremony and paperwork preparation may both be completed quite quickly!

This is a land of wonderful local foods, little quiet towns, the Caucasus Mountains with their snowy peaks, and other remarkable characteristics like vineyards, and other beautiful spots. The beautiful ambiance of Georgian locations is by no means the sole advantage it offers. It is also feasible to hold a ceremony in a very short period of time.

Final verdict:

Both Georgia and Seychelles are excellent and easy wedding destinations. The ultimate choice is entirely up to the couple. The time, finances, and specific needs that each couple has for their wedding day are just a few of the factors that can influence the choice of destination.

In a nutshell, Seychelles is the greatest choice if you’re seeking a spot with clear water background and pleasant weather. Georgia is the best option if you want a wedding in the heart of beautiful mountains. 

If you’re having trouble deciding between Seychelles and Georgia, arrange a consultation with us and let us help you.

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