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What make foreigners so happy to celebrate the beautiful day with easy wedding Georgia?


Weddings in Georgia are a dream for all expats out there. All the exemplified services available to the expats making their wedding day memorable. Keeping all these things in mind, mostly foreign love to travel there in order to solemnize the beautiful day of life. What do they love to go around there? Don’t you know, why?

Let’s hop on this article and know everything you need.

Easy Wedding Georgia Legal Requirements For Foreigners:

Currently, Georgia is easier for foreigners to get married than in other countries due to the various complexities involved. If anyone wants to be with someone who is out of their religion can easily exchange the vows in Georgia. For foreigners, you will have to meet these easy requirements:

  • Valid passports of both bride and groom
  • Your passport must be translated and notarized
  • Georgia weddings require at least two witnesses
  • Submit the divorce decree or death certificate if needed
  • Being in Georgia at the time of the contract signing
  • In Georgia, you will receive a marriage certificate that has been translated, registered, and confirmed by your embassy.

Are there any challenges to face the expats?

Everyone knows that getting married in Georgia is like letting your hair down and making your day unforgettable. Although the marriage process is fairly simpler than in other countries, but also get an official certificate on the same day.

Final verdict on choosing easy wedding Georgia as a destination place:

With this in mind, expats are more turn their heads toward Georgia for the wedding. The place is a bit relaxing and ideal for expats to arrange their destination wedding. We are here to turn your dream into reality. Our expert team will assist you with the preparation and notarization of your documents, their submission to the public hall, and the coordination of everything will ensure everything runs smoothly for you.

Your hectic schedule makes it difficult for you to put aside time for marriage preparation, no worries at all. Let our highly-trained easy-wedding team assist you!

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