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Top 5 reasons to choose a marriage agency in Tbilisi in 2021


Planning to make it official ? You’re out of a beautiful destination, confused about how to do everything from makeup to photographer to your outfit for the big day. Here’s the perfect solution for you. All you’ve got to do is hire a Georgian wedding planner and they’ll help you with all that you’re worried about to make this a memorable moment for you, your family and the guests at your wedding in Georgia

Imagine finding Rachel to your Ross from the friends serie and you’ve finally decided to seal the deal in Georgia. Here’s what you need to know. Ross divorced three times and had three big days of marriage but for you it’s just a first and to make it the best day of your life, you’ve got to plan for it in advance. Whether you’re single or divorced, you can still get married in Georgia. 

From hall bookings to makeup to the photographer you would choose, a wedding planner is the instant solution to all your worries. 

So here’s our top five tips to choose a Wedding planner in Georgia:  

#1 Get a marriage consultant based in Dubai or close to you with an office in Georgia

Local support is available to you on the go not only at the click of a button on your smartphone but also in the place. Staying in touch with your planner this way will make sure that your needs are met  Having a local presence in both Georgia & Dubai means that they are aware of how marriages work in both countries and can advise you better on where to go if you’re looking to tie the knot quickly & not spend a fortune on it. 

#2 Opt for an enterprise that has International experience & exposure with weddings

Worried that your marriage in Georgia won’t be valid in another country? Well, the marriage certificate that you obtain in Georgia can be validated in 100+ countries worldwide and guess what, all you need is a few basic documents and you’re good to go.  When it comes to organizing a wedding, planners that have international experience who would ideally have a better knowledge of marriage related rules & regulations not just in Georgia but also the GCC. Therefore, they would be able to advise you on the most cost-effective, legal & friendly method to tie the knot. 

#3 Locally registered wedding planners are much easier to coordinate with 

Your wedding dress didn’t come out as desired, you asked for Lilies as flowers as part of venue decor but got Lotus flowers instead, you requested for a particular venue with maximum seating capacity but got the minimum capacity and this put your guests to shame on your big day. A marriage is something that happens only once in a lifetime and you should be able to avoid these issues Therefore always stick to a locally registered organizer for your D-day because in case of any glitches, you’ll have access to them instantly and can take action if required. You’re spending money on this event that is so special for you , make sure that the agency doesn’t let you down in any possible way. 

#4 Recognition of the agency shall seal the deal for your big day

This is one of the most important days of an individual’s life, whether you’re the groom or the bride, you want to be treated in the best way possible and therefore it is of utmost importance to choose an agency with a recognized portfolio of wedding experiences,you can also look for trustworthy reviews or the best way would be to ask clients they’ve previously worked with. So here’s what you can do, visit their website and look for images, reviews & clients sections to better understand their recognition in the wedding planning sector. 

#5 A reliable quality of service ensures you get what you paid for

Marriage is one of the most special days and moments of your life and that being said, you’ve got to make sure you’re not settling for less and getting the best possible quality of service you can.  Don’t just book a wedding venue or even sign up with a photographer without knowing exactly what his photography package offers and if it matches with the budget you set for your wedding. Explore a range of options at least before & review them before you say yes to anyone.  It’s one thing to pay a lot for a service and another to get exactly what you paid for.

What do you think is the most important reason to choose a Georgian wedding planner?   Found these tips useful ? Well,  if you have some more tips to share, do comment below.  

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