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Why is Georgia an easy wedding destination for Kuwait expats?


This is a place of delicious local delicacies, little peaceful towns, the Caucasus Mountains with their snowy peaks, and other notable features such as wineries and other scenic areas. The wonderful ambiance of Georgian places is far from its only feature. A ceremony might also be held in a very short amount of time. This offers an excellent option for an easy destination wedding for Kuwait expats.

Why should Kuwait expats consider Georgia for a destination wedding?

While Kuwait has a few beaches, many expats prefer to have their weddings in more convenient locations. It is tough to plan a wedding in Kuwait, especially if you are of different nationalities and faiths. Since Kuwait operates under Sharia law, it is not easy for interfaith or non-Muslim marriages. All parties participating in a marriage in Kuwait must obtain a legal residence permit. This often complicates the entire process, especially if you or your future spouse are not Kuwait residents. Although it is not entirely impossible, the document requirement is intimidating:

  • Residents’ Civil ID/Passport
  • Personal identity and a letter from the Executive Committee (for illegal resident applicants)
  • Identifying heirs for widow applicants
  • Letter from a Social Security Institution (if the groom is a student, retired, or jobless)
  • Identification of heirs (the if guardian is deceased)
  • Divorce documentation
  • Power of attorney
  • Permission to marry (if the groom is employed in the military)
  • It is critical that the bride’s guardian be there.
  • There must be two witnesses.

To legitimize your marriage, you must file these documents in court, along with an application form and a fee. These documents must be submitted in Arabic.

Georgia provides an easy wedding process for Kuwait expats

When a Kuwait expat couple wishes to start a family, they instantly think of their respective embassies. This procedure frequently includes a great deal of paperwork formality. Georgia provides an easy 4 step process for the legalization of your marriage:

  • Joint written application
  • Passports for both the bride and groom
  • Two witness
  • A document that certifies the dissolution of a prior marriage

Verdict on a destination wedding in Georgia for Kuwait expats

Georgia’s most valuable asset is its breathtaking natural beauty. Georgia is located in Transcaucasia’s middle and western regions: in the west, it borders the Black Sea; in the north, it borders the Greater Caucasus; and in the east and south, it is surrounded by mountains and large valleys. This generates a wide range of landscapes, reliefs, and climates. Whatever season you visit Georgia and whatever place you pick, you will undoubtedly discover something breathtaking and wonderful. With the added benefit of an absolutely convenient wedding process. Georgia is definitely a dream destination wedding spot for an easy and hassle-free wedding for Kuwait expats. The surprisingly low-cost can give you a chance to celebrate your big day in a magical way but on a budget.

Are you looking for an easy yet magical wedding on a budget as a Kuwait expat? Let’s get talking and we will help you through every step!

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