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Filipino expat getting marriage in Georgia: Why Filipino couples love getting married in Georgia so much?


Georgia and the Philippines are two countries with a lot in common. They are both gorgeous countries to visit with a certain variety in what you would want to experience. They are both countries with a large Christian following with Georgia being Orthodox Christian and Philippines being mostly Roman Catholic. Just check our top 10 destinations to marry in Georgia, if you’re convinced yet.

However, when it comes to Georgia wedding for foreigners they differ in quite a few things. The Philippines are known for having the idea of protecting the sanctity of marriage and keeping that value at all costs. As well as having close family ties that reach to extended families when it comes to big occasions. These cases have caused issues for Filipino couples who want to marry or are already married as the culture that surrounds can lead to a few mistakes. Here is why Filipinos love getting married in Georgia.

Getting married in the Philippines or through the Philippine Embassy is a daunting task

As mentioned, most Filipinos believe that marriage is such a commitment. So much so, that there is an extensive screening process that you have to go through to get married. To apply for marriage in the Philippines according to the Philippine Government website, you will need

  • NSO Birth Certificate; original and 2 photocopies
  • NSO Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR); original and 2 photocopies
  • 3 passport copies of the contracting parties
  • Affidavit of Parental Consent for ages between 18-21
  • Affidavit of Parental Advice for ages 22-25
  • NSO Death Certificate of parents (if requested)
  • Signed Joint Affidavit of Two Witnesses and 3 copies of their passport
  • Marriage Counseling Certificate
  • Passport Photo

This is the bare minimum you would need to submit in order to apply for marriage in the Philippine embassy. If you also decide to marry in the Philippines you would need to submit the above as well as 

  • Barangay Certificate
  • Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
  • Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry (for foreigners)
  • Divorcee Decree (for Foreigners)

All these, as well as being limited in where you would want to officially marry as the Philippines would limit you to either an open court, public chambers of a judge, a church, chapel, or temple.

All these would take roughly 2 months at minimum to complete. And those are for the lucky ones who can have most of the process be expedited.

Want to compare it with getting married in Dubai? Read this blog post to. know why it’s not the fasted process also.

Filipinos who get married in the Philippines get a lot extra hassles

Most Filipinos would not hesitate to go through the above because to them there would be no other alternate. The idea of a destination wedding is always seen as for the rich and capable. Not only that, but most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are normally working backbreaking, 6 day a week jobs and would not have time to go through all the needed for a nice and elegant wedding. There are also cases of Filipinos meeting another person who better complete them, and being unable to leave their current situation. This causes problems for them as they believe there is no other solution.

That is exactly why most Filipinos get married in Georgia instead. Georgia is a country which is aesthetically beautiful which makes it perfect for life lasting photographs. Not only that, the minimum requirement to get married in Georgia would only be your passport. Getting your marriage license, which is also valid in most countries, can take half a day at minimum. If you want to know how, contact us and find out.

This is especially beneficial for people who are OFW as Georgia is also a very cheap country. You can see for yourself in what weddings Easy Wedding Georgia can offer for you.

Georgia sounds like a perfect place for getting married, but Filipinos should be aware of a few things

Getting married as a Filipino is a daunting task. The strict rules the country gives in terms of marriage can give problems instead of happiness for some families. These enforced rules have created a desperate market which a lot of people take advantage of. There are a lot of people out there who offer marriage services without understanding to the full extent the situations most Filipinos go through. Even worse, Filipinos who spend so much only to experience so little.

Getting married is a wonderful experience that all people should experience in the best way that they can. Getting everything right and not having to worry after should be at the top of consideration. All situations have a fix, contact us and we will figure out yours.

The top 3 reasons why Filipino expat get marriage in Georgia

  1. It’s fast

You can literally get married in Georgia over the weekend

  1. It’s cheap

If you add all the spending you would do just for the application process in the Philippines, you can already get a nice destination wedding in Georgia. Just to compare here is the Easy package you can get married with.

  1. It’s easy

Concluding Filipino expat getting marriage in Georgia: Why Filipino couples love getting married in Georgia so much?

You will literally only need your passport to get married. And the most beautiful part of it is that Georgia doesn’t care about nationalities. Anybody can get married there.

Contact our team so we can help you get started on your wedding

What country have you been to that would be best to marry in? Let us know in the comments below.

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