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How to Get Married in Dubai Vs Georgia for Filipinos? | Planning For Filipino Marriage

How to Get Married No Annulment in Georgia – Get married for Filipino in Dubai Vs Georgia

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Filipino Couple Getting Married in Dubai Vs Georgia

The latest laws of the UAE have made many things easy for the people but it still doesn’t change the fact that you need to get married while living in Dubai. If you want to get married and you’re a Filipino couple living in Dubai, you’re at a perfect place. That’s because in this article you’ll find all the legal requirements that will allow you to learn the process of getting married for Filipino nationals. It’s doable but one of the most challenging and overwhelming things to do in Dubai.

After reading the long list of the requirements you might also change your decision like many other couples. This article also contains a surprise for you so keep on reading.

Requirements to Get Married in Dubai for Filipino!

The following list contains the most important documents and paperwork that you need to complete before your big day. You can find more details here regarding that.

  • A marriage application form each for both the bride and the groom
  • A marriage announcement form
  • Joint affidavit form
  • Recent passport size pictures
  • Report on the marriage
  • NSO CENOMAR that the Department of Foreign Affairs must authorize
  • Original and copies of passport (consulate usually asks for three copies)
  • Birth certificate
  • Civil status certificate from your embassy or consulate
  • Parents advice proof authenticated by the DFA
  • Consent of parents that you’ll also need to get authenticated by the DFA
  • A premarital screening certificate that must be approved only by the authorized medical facilities
  • A couple of witnesses with their passports

Through our experience we have seen that most of the Filipinos have already married. That’s a complicated situation because it’s almost impossible to get a marriage annulment from Philippine. So, for people with such cases, especially women having their previous husband’s last name in their passport, UAE is not a suitable place. That’s because it requires a singleness or divorce certificate. Additionally, it’s nearly out of question in any country.

We recommend you to contact our team and share your particular case with them. It will allow us to come up with a solution unique to your situation if possible.

Verdict on How to Get Married No Annulment in Georgia – Get married for Filipino in Dubai Vs Georgia

Bear in mind that the above-mentioned requirements and paperwork are only the most important ones. You might also need to meet additional ones according to your unique situation. That’s why we recommend you to opt for marrying in Georgia. It’s an easier, more efficient, and less hectic way. Moreover, you can also plan your honeymoon with your wedding travel.

If you know a Filipino couple in Dubai who want to get married, share this valuable information with them.

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