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Can I Get Married in Georgia From UA

Documents Needed to Get Married in Georgia: What is the legal checklist before getting married in Georgia for foreigners?

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Getting married in Georgia is a once in a lifetime opportunity for it to be remembered as the time someone forgot to bring this or that. It is also your chance to get married the easiest and fastest way possible.

So, we decided to help you in your journey by providing a checklist of Documents Needed to Get Married in Georgia.

The simple document requirements to get married in Georgia

In Georgia, you would be needing minimal documents that need to be submitted for the marriage license to be processed. Moreover, there are no limitations for international or interfaith couples. As per the official Georgian government website, all you need to bring would be identifying documents such as your passport and you can have your marriage license processed. 

Please note that some situations may not be as simple as that. In cases of divorce or the death of a spouse additional documents would be required and it is always better for you to consult a lawyer or an expert. Our team can help you go through these elements.

What happens after you get married in Georgia?

Yes, getting a marriage certificate is easy in Georgia, however most couples who get married also factor the aftermath of getting married and what this means in their lives now. What happens next?

Are you getting married to move to another country?

If either of the spouses are planning to reside in a different country after getting married, then there would be added processes that need to be done to proceed. For example, if a foreigner decided to marry a Filipino and then decide to live in the Philippines, they have to apply for a permanent residency visa as per the Philippine embassy.

Every country has their own validation process. It would be best to contact your respective embassy for the process.

Are you getting married to change your name or nationality?

Having to change your name in legal documents or wanting to be nationalized by the same country as your partner would also need another set of documents. Please keep in mind that every country has their own process to do it.

Are you getting married to give birth in another country legally?

In some countries, such as countries in the GCC, would require couples who are pregnant to present a legal marriage certificate before they would be allowed to give birth in the country and afterwards to receive a birth certificate for their kids. 

Final Word on Documents Needed to Get Married in Georgia: What is the legal checklist before getting married in Georgia for foreigners?

Our main piece of advice is for you to consult a legal adviser before taking the decision to marry in Georgia. We receive weekly emails of people who got wrongly advised and end up in very difficult situations. 

Does your situation call for a more detailed advice or consultation? We are here to help or can recommend you to the right people.

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