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Latest Updates about Unexpected Pregnancy: Not Married UAE


According to the recent updates, there is a legal change regarding the decriminalization of premarital sex in the UAE. In almost all cases, unmarried pregnant women are not jailed or punished, but the couple must have marriage certification to get health insurance and other facilities.

This article discusses all the latest updates regarding unexpected pregnancy laws for women who aren’t married in the UAE. Read this information till the very end to understand how the new laws would impact your current situation.

Summary of Unexpected Pregnancy: Not Married UAE

Previous Status of Unmarried Pregnancies in the UAE

Two of the most concerning areas previously for women with unexpected pregnancies outside the wedlock were the registration of births and medical insurance. When a new mother is unable to present a marriage certificate necessary to issue a birth notice, hospitals will call the police to the Personal Status Court to decide on the birth registration. This information is shared by three workers at the hospital engaged in the proceedings and two lawyers.

A web page last updated in March on the UAE Government’s official website:

“The man and the woman must be lawfully married to one another in order for their children to get legal recognition.”

Regarding health insurances, the present policy guidelines of the DHA (Dubai Health Authority) say:

“Women out of wedlock and women who do not have the capability to bear a child shall not be provided maternity insurance coverage.”

It’s important to note that DHA also mentioned that they don’t have any current plans to change these rules.

Last Year’s Reforms Regarding Unmarried Pregnancies and Alcohol Consumption

The criminal and personal law reforms of the last year saw the decriminalization of alcohol, unmarried pregnancies, and the cancellation of leniency measures in relation to so-called ‘honor killings.’

It was part of the United Arab Emirate’s efforts to attract visitors and businessmen by promoting economic diversification. The UAE also started offering long-term visas and citizenship for the very first time, away from hydrocarbons.

Lawyers and certain residents from the UAE noticed modifications that put the legislation into practice. For example, the prohibition on cohabitation in Dubai has hardly been punished.

What does the New Reform State?

Any couple who have a child outside marriage “will be required to marry or singly or jointly acknowledge the child and provide identification papers and travel documents in accordance with the laws of the country of which either is a national, considering the applicable laws of that nation”, WAM reported.

Final Words on Unexpected Pregnancy: Not Married UAE

There are only two possibilities. If the government wants to make it a religious society then the new laws can be strict. On the other hand, if a more liberal society is what people need then you can expect more leniency in the future.

This information is shared by the official Reuters website after performing studies and research on the latest stats and data.

Share the good news with your partner and friends; if you are in a similar situation.

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