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Hen party ideas outside Dubai for UAE residents


Congratulations to all the brides this year. Planning a wedding is stressful and taking time for yourself is even more challenging. You must be planning to throw a bachelorette before your Big Day.

Especially if you are a Dubai resident, you must be hunting for different locations to have some privacy with your girlfriends and fun. Most GCC locals choose Georgia as their bachelor party destination as it is inexpensive, surrounded by beaches, and famous for its nightclubs. Also, you will hardly take 4 hours of travelling time. 

Before you choose Georgia as your hen party destination, here are a few activities that you and your girlfriends might like to try apart from clubs and bars.

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, can be described as a unique city. From hiking to charming vineyards, this city is filled with several activities. Let us see which activity can fit in, and you can plan your hen party ideas.

Take a Boat Trip of Kura River

You can write an entire novel upon this experience. The Kura River is an excellent way to see Tbilisi differently. Many companies offer boat cruises and river trips. Depending on the route, the tour can take approximately 40 minutes to one hour.

Take a Sulphur Bath

Sulfur baths, also known as sour baths, are very popular in Georgia. They have many benefits for your skin and overall health. It is no surprise that “Tbilisi” means warm water due to the many streams found in the city. You can also request a Georgian massage. Your girl squad will undoubtedly enjoy this one.

Selecting the proper sulfur bath is also essential. You can choose any of the baths located in the Abanotubani region. No matter which one you choose from this region, everyone is photogenic.

Explore Tbilisi Old Town

The old town is a picture-perfect scene. It’s a maze with small streets and wandering cats. It has trellised vineyards and juicy grapes. You can say that this is a testament to Georgia’s century-old relationship with wine.

You can also find churches, vintage shops, and homes with bright paint. 

Cable Car to Narikala Fortress

Tbilisi’s most popular activity is to take the cable car to Narikala. You can either take the cable car or walk up to the fortress via the city following Betlemi street.

It was built as a Persian citadel in the 4th AD. The fortress was then extended over the centuries before an explosion destroyed it. If your girl’s squad is more into adventure, you can hike up to the hill. 

The Tbilisi Sea

Batumi is Georgia’s favourite tourist attraction on the Black Sea. However, it is a little far from Tbilisi, so you can take a day trip there or relax with your girls in the afternoon.

You can travel to the Tbilisi Sea and Turtle Lake in a day, these two places are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. 

To find more about activities in Georgia and explore more of this gorgeous country, book a call with our team.

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