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Easy countries to get married in – Using Georgia & Seychelles as a case study


The decision to have your wedding in Georgia or Seychelles a great decision. You will have the best venues for you wedding. You won’t have to go through too much processes and documentations. Their marriage license is also generally acceptable all over the world.

Read on to get the proof that Georgia and Seychelles are easy countries to get married in.

Legal licenses for marriage in Georgia

Like in many countries, marriage registration are regulated by laws in Georgia as follows

  • If you want to get married to your loved one, both of you should be at least 18 years old.
  • Fees associated with the licenses are different if you are single, married or divorced.
  • Fees are also charged to get a certified copy of your marriage certificate.
  • If one of the persons is divorced, then he or she has to show proper documents and divorce decree.

Legal licenses for marriage in Seychelles:

A couple wishing to get married in Seychelles by law should be aware of these important points about civil marriages:

  • The approved age for both male or female to contract marriage is eighteen years and above
  • Only those in accordance with the Laws of Seychelles can get married.
  • Before the marriage can take place, the banns are published for eleven days before the date of marriage.

Generally speaking, when you hear about destination weddings, what comes to mind first comes to mind is huge bills. But when you think of easy countries to get married in, think Georgia or Seychelles. They are not expensive. As stated above, their marriage licenses are accepted all over the world, and it doesn’t take time.

To conclude on the easy countries to get married

The difference in both destinations is that, it is still cheaper to have your wedding in Georgia than in Seychelles. We are here to guide you all the way. From taking your flight to performing all documents translation, legalization, and organizing your dream wedding.

Feel free to share this information with your friends and family to educate them that Georgia and Seychelles are easy countries to get married in. They can have their dream destination wedding in any of both places without stress.

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