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How to plan your wedding in Georgia, the country not the US state?


There are people who stress about how much how to marry in Georgia. As like all things, as long as you know what needs to be done and have someone to help and guide you through, getting married is easy. If you are planning a Georgian wedding, here is a quick guide in what you would need to account for.

Quick and easy civil Marriage In Georgia, just the two of you

If you’re planning to get married as soon as possible, here is what you need to account for before going to Georgia according to the embassy requirements.

  • Bring two witnesses

You will need two bring two witnesses for your nuptials. They will need to fly on the same day as you. Make sure that their identification document/passport are in english.

  • Book your flight and hotel stay

It goes without saying that you would need to book your trip in Georgia. Make sure that your wedding dates are planned accordingly as well as making sure that when you do get to Georgia you will already have a place to stay

  • Process the marriage registration

Once you are in Georgia, you would need to go to the House of Justice or the House of marriage to be able to proceed with your marriage registration. Make sure that you are ready with all the necessary documents that will be needed beforehand.

  • Legalize your marriage 

Once you have received your marriage license, you will need to have this document legalized for your home country. Set aside 5 working days to spend in Tbilisi for the legalization.

You might find it helpful to check our legal checklist before you start the process.

Or, alternatively, you can go for our Custom paperwork package and have all the points above included.

How to Marry in Georgia: Planning a dream wedding

If you are planning a big destination wedding, then that was discussed above still applies. However, now you have to account for the amount of people that would be arriving to celebrate this momentous occasion. Keep in mind to

  • Contact a wedding agency/planner two months in advance

To ensure that everything goes right down to the very last detail, it would be best to speak to someone who can assist you as well as give time for any adjustment that they would need in order to prepare everything. Easy Wedding team can help you within a few days from the D days too. But usually more time is better. You can check our Custom wedding package for some inspiration.

  • Inform guests of dates ahead of time

Make sure that you also keep in mind to remind the guests when they would need to set aside time to attend the wedding. Letting them know ahead will make booking their flights cheaper as well as maybe planning a little holiday for themselves accordingly

Final Word on How to Marry in Georgia: How to plan your wedding in Georgia, the country not the US state?

These are just reminders on how to get married in Georgia. With the ease of getting a marriage certificate, there are times we can get complacent and forget things. The thing is, even if getting the marriage license is easy, the hard part comes after. Legalizing your marriage document for the country you would be residing in takes time and effort. You have to undergo legalizations, translations, embassies and so on. If you need to have help in the bureaucracy of things, our team would gladly offer its assistance.

Did we miss anything? What do people usually forget in weddings?

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