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Is Georgia an option for the same sex marriages?


A lot of the Lesbian Gay Transgender Bisexual (LGBT) community experience quite hardships in their day to day lives all over the world. Even in a day and age of social acceptance, there is still a level of discrimination the LGBT community faces. Especially in places where their virtues and beliefs differ. So much so as to affect its legal system in the area. 

Can I have a same sex wedding in Georgia?

No. It is simply not allowed. In 2018, according to Georgia Marriage Rules, Georgia has banned same sex marriages in the constitution. Despite having laws and regulations specifically catered to the LGBT community, Georgia is still largely an Orthodox Christian country. This means that living in Georgia still has a lot of other benefits for LGBT people such as having anti-discrimination laws for the LGBT, but the nature of the religion in the country still deviates from such practices. Therefore same sex weddings are not allowed.

Where can I go for a same sex wedding?

There are countries now that fully embrace and accept the LGBT and have equal rights as those who are non-LGBT. Countries such as Malta are known to have one of the highest standards for LGBT rights even amongst other European nations. Going back as early as 1973, Malta has developed as a nation that cultivated a culture for the LGBT community which includes marriage. As an added bonus, the country of Malta is part of the Apostille Convention, which means that a marriage certificate that is approved in Malta is accepted in most countries. Provided of course that they have rights for the LGBT and are also part of the Apostille Convention.

Final Word on Same Sex Marriage in Georgia

Getting married should be openly accessible to everyone no matter what your sexual orientation may be. Love is love. As long as the feeling is both mutual and supportive, everyone has the right to express that love through getting married. If you and your partner are looking to get married, you can visit and they will provide support in all your needs, logistically and legally.

What are your countries policies for the LGBT?

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