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Georgia vs Seychelles Wedding Package: Is Georgia better than Seychelles for getting married?


Georgia vs Seychelles Wedding package: If you are looking for a perfect destination with crystal clear water behind you and a nice sun, Seychelles is the best option.

If you are looking to get a fast, simple and cheap wedding certificate because you want to spend money somewhere else, Georgia is usually much better.

Why Georgia is a good destination and offers good packages for getting married as compared to Seychelles?

Georgian wedding certificate is apostille. Which means it’s legal and recognized in over a hundred countries. 

It’s only a three hours flight from most of the GCC countries and usually the flight is pretty affordable.

Georgia is pretty cheap. It will be much cheaper than Seychelles considering the time you will spend there and the cost of the hotel, food and so on.

And in 2020 Georgia gives you the best combination of the price, visa, time and process of getting married.

What are the other reasons for getting married in Georgia?

Breathtaking views. Georgia might not have palm trees and paradise-looking beaches but have you seen its mountains? They have some truly breathtaking views. If you are flying to Georgia to get married and staying for longer than a day you should definitely consider the idea of going for a trip to Kazbegi mountains. Besides, it can be a great background for you wedding reception.

Moreover, if you really want to have your wedding at the beach – Batumi is an option. This city is located on the western side of Georgia by the Black sea and has some beautiful views too.

Final Word on Georgia vs Seychelles Wedding package: Is Georgia better than Seychelles for getting married?

There are so many more reasons to have your wedding in Georgia: local cuisine, hospitable people – you name it. You can find more information about Georgia in our other blogposts. There is plenty!

Would you choose a wedding in the mountains or at the beach? Share it with us in the comments!

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