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Abortion Laws in Georgia Vs GCC countries


As a slew of news is rolling out on the social media channels, the trigger law in the US has put abortion right away from women. Like other states, Georgia is not one of them. Being a liberal state, mostly couples not only travel there for abortion but also get benefits from its exotic wedding services.

Incidence Rate of Abortion in Georgia:

Overall, almost 862,320 abortions were performed in the United States in 2017. For women aged between 15-44, about 13.5 abortions in 1,000 women were being operated on. While in Georgia, 36330 women underwent this procedure. Not all are residents of Georgia, and some patients are moved there for termination of pregnancy. The percentage of expulsion has increased to 8% from 2014 to 2017. 

If you look up 2020 statistics, only a 2% increase in the abortion rate over the last year, as per the research by the state Department of Public Health. 

Important Conditions for Abortion Laws in Georgia:

In 2019, Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act was introduced to ban abortion when the fetal heartbeat is detected. Nevertheless, the temporarily unconstitutional legislation never went into effect.

From now on, various clinics are striving hard to establish some rules of abortion for women’s safety, which are as follows:

  • Patients must undergo face-to-face counseling before having an abortion and then give them one day for making a final decision.
  • The state’s health exchange under the Affordable Care Act covers abortion if any threat poses to the mother and fetus’s lives or physical health endangerment. 
  • The country is offering insurance policies for Georgian’s residents when life is in danger. 
  • Abortion can only take place with the consent of a minor’s parent.
  • As if rape, incest or life-threatening conditions, public funding is provided for abortion. 
  • In cases of life endangerment, or lethal fetal anomalies is likely to go for abortion at the 22 weeks after the last menstrual period. Scientific evidence has contradicted this law, which defines that a fetus feels pain at this moment.

Abortion Laws in the GCC

While in GCC, abortion is highly restricted there. In all the middle east countries whether it is Kuwait, Bahrain or Qatar, women are not allowed for having a physical relationship before marriage. Yet, many cases are addressed in these regions. Due to this, people are leading to unsafe abortions in small clinics without any consultation from expert physicians. Whosoever is doing this criminal act shall be declared imprisonment of 5 years. This will increase up to 7 years without pregnant women’s consent.

Final Conclusion on Abortion laws in Georgia Vs GCC countries:

Even though it is legal to have an abortion in Georgia, but there are still a number of safety measures in place. If you get pregnant before marriage, it is the best place to hold your ceremony. It will hardly take two weeks to get an official certificate.

If your pregnancy is unplanned, our highly professional team is here to help you with our easy wedding packages.

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