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Legal Marriage Fast: How to legalize your Georgian wedding certificate?


So if you’re planning to live in Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, or any other GCC country you will have to legalize your wedding certificate with Legal Marriage Fast.

As we explained in some of our previous videos Georgia is one of the best options for getting married and the process is pretty simple.

However, the wedding certificate that you will receive is not valid as it is. You will have to register it.

The process of legalization of your wedding certificate

To register it, it has to be translated, notarized, registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the embassy of the country you are planning to move.

When this process is done you can be officially a couple in the country you are planning to move.

Why legalizing your wedding certificate with Easy Wedding Georgia

If you have a little bit of time and a little bit of patience you can easily legalize your marriage license by yourself. Yes, it is that easy! However maybe you are not a big fan of doing the paperwork by yourself or maybe you are simply in rush to go back to the country where you reside.

You have nothing to worry about in either one of those cases. Easy Wedding Georgia has offices in both counties – UAE (Dubai) and Georgia (Tbilisi). Once your wedding certificate is signed in Georgia, your presence is not really necessary for the legalization process. It can be done by our team and the fully legalized and notarized marriage certificate will be shipped to Dubai or any other city.

Final Word on Legal Marriage Fast: How to legalize your Georgian wedding certificate?

Which means you can return to your duty or daily life in no time while or simply enjoy Georgia for a little longer instead of dealing with all those papers.

Moreover if you are also looking for a beautiful wedding ceremony you should check this package out. We tailored it specially for couple looking for a little upgraded version of a wedding ceremony.

Do you like doing your paperwork by yourself or prefer letting someone else take care of it? Tell us in comments!

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