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How to Marry in Saudi as Expatriate – Marriage Procedure for Foreigners Living in Saudi Arabia?


Saudi Arabia is one of those countries where marriage is considered as something very important. It holds a significant value as it promises to protect the right of both husband and wife. Starting a family by getting married is considered as one of the biggest privileges there.

But getting married in Saudi Arabia is not the easiest way especially for expats. There are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow. If you are a foreigner living in Saudi Arabia and want to get married then consider reading this article till the very end. It will allow you to understand what you need to do and whether there is any alternative for you or not. So, without any further ado let’s jump into it.

Requirements to Get Married in Saudi Arabia!

The following requirements will only be applied to you if you’re a Muslim living in Saudi Arabia:

  • Both you are your partner must have residence permits to live in Saudi Arabia
  • The bride must acquire her current sponsor’s permission that must be in a written form
  • Both bride and the groom must agree to the marriage terms
  • All the religious practices must be carried out and both bride and the groom must agree on them as well
  • Marriage license and ceremony will take place and also issues at the Saudi Arabian family courts
  • A letter of approval must be submitted by the competent authority with two eyewitnesses
  • A pre-medical test report must be provided by both of the spouses original as well as a copy
  • Both of the spouses must be physically present or their representatives
  • The guardian of the bride must be present at the wedding ceremony

Requirements for Non-Muslims

Saudi Arabia doesn’t really offer facilities for non-Muslim foreigners to get married in the local courts. That’s why the best bet for the non-Muslim foreigners is to opt for getting married in their respective embassies. But now due to COVID-19, this process is also not very reliable.

That’s why for now the best way for foreigners to get married is to opt either for a destination wedding or an online wedding. Not only will it allow them to save all the hassle that they will have to do in order to get married in Saudi Arabia, but it will also save them a substantial amount of time.

Final Word on How to Marry in Saudi as Expatriate – Marriage Procedure for Foreigners Living in Saudi Arabia?

The wedding procedure and the experience are not the same in all the countries. At some places, you need to perform as little effort as possible to get your fully legalized wedding certificate. But on the other hand, there are also places that have long and very complicated wedding processes that sometimes take months to complete. That’s why it’s better to go for getting married online, opt for a destination wedding or even UAE might be a much better option.

If you are a Non-Muslim or even a Muslim foreigner living in Saudi Arabia and want to get married, then let us know by writing in the below comment section. We get back to you right away.

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