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Getting Married in Georgia for Filipino

Getting Married in Georgia for Filipino: Is Georgian wedding legal for Filipinos?

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If you’re wondering whether getting married in Georgia for Filipino is legal or not then the one-word answer is, Yes. It is legal for a Filipino to get married in Georgia. The laws in Georgia for foreigners give them the right to marry in Georgia as well as the marriage be recognized by the Philippines.

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Why can Filipinos marry in Georgia?

Foreigners are recognized in Georgia to have the same rights. Under the Republic of Georgia Laws on the Legal Status of Foreigners it states that all foreigners have the same rights, liberties and duties as citizens of Georgia. This includes but is not limited to the right to work, marry, health protection, social security etc.

If you also have trouble with legal aspects in the marriage, such as a previous one, Georgia can provide solutions for that too. As of today, divorce is not legal in the Philippines, so a lot of Filipinos have the problem of trying to fix their situation as getting out of a marriage can be quite tough. If you are in need of legal advice for your situation for marriage, you can contact our team.

Also as mentioned above, the marriage in Georgia will be recognized by the Philippine government. This is because both countries are members of the Hague Apostille Convention. The Hague Apostille Convention states that all documents that have been issued and legalized in one country are considered valid and legal by other countries that are members of the convention as well. Wherever you decide to live after the marriage, your marriage certificate will easily be recognized by the respective Philippine embassy.

Getting married in Georgia will also give you access to, well Georgia. A gorgeous country with breathtaking cities. It will make your wedding photos beautiful and something you would want to keep forever. So far, getting married in Georgia is quick, easy and it can also be cheap. For all that you would spend having a big wedding in the Philippines, you can have a destination wedding in Georgia instead.

Please note that if you are already married in the Philippines we recommend to contact our team to see what options are available for you. And yes, we got you covered too!

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Final Word on Getting Married in Georgia for Filipino: Is Georgian wedding legal for Filipinos?

It is legal to be married in Georgia as a Filipino, and as we mention that’s not the best part. It is frankly quicker, cheaper, and easier to get married in Georgia and it is recognized by the Philippines as valid and legal. 

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