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The complete guide to finding your Wedding Celebrant after your civil wedding in Georgia


So you have set the date for your wedding. You got your paperwork and the legal part sorted, and now planning a proper ceremony to celebrate. You’ve picked your venue, your wedding planner, your photographer and videographer etc, but you do not want to get married in a church. You want to get married on the beach, in the desert, in a garden, in a castle, on a yacht, a luxury hotel, in the forest or even a mountain top! You get where I’m going with this? What to do?


Well, I have the solution! Most couples nowadays prefer to have a Wedding Celebrant to conduct their wedding ceremonies, instead of the traditional priest, reverent or pastor. This allows them the freedom to have their ceremony anywhere and any way! Is this not just fabulous!!! 


By now you might be thinking: What is a Wedding Celebrant?  What does a Wedding Celebrant do? How different is the ceremony when led by a Celebrant? Well, I have the answers to all those questions, and allow me to introduce myself to you:


​Hallo from me Theresa, an International Destination Wedding Celebrant based in sunny Dubai! I am absolutely passionate about marriage,and LOVE conducting Wedding Ceremonies for all my gorgeous couples! So I am the perfect person to explain to you in detail what a Wedding Celebrant is, and what a Wedding Celebrant does. So here we go!


Why do you need a wedding celebrant at your wedding ceremony?

Your wedding ceremony is the absolute highlight and most important part of your wedding day. This is when you will be declaring your love for each other and exchanging your vows in the presence of your family and very close friends. You want to create a ceremony that reflects who you are, that reflects your personalities, and you want to make it as personal as you desire. 
You might want to incorporate symbolic elements into the ceremony, such as hand binding, or perhaps sand pouring, lighting of unity candles, to just name a  few. You might want to have family members involved in the ceremony reading a love poem for instance. You could even sing a song to each other, or have someone sing over you. The possibilities are endless, and this means  you can let your imagination run wild! Or, you might just want to have a ceremony that involves the message, vows, ring exchange, Mr & Mrs, followed by those wonderful words: You may kiss your beautiful bride! 


Having said all the above, it stands to reason that the person you want to conduct your ceremony, should be someone that you feel totally at ease and comfortable with. Someone you can trust, open your heart to, share your desires about your ceremony, someone who can guide you and answer any questions you might have about your ceremony. Your Wedding Celebrant will always remind you that it’s all about YOU, and therefore your ceremony can be anything YOU want. Your Wedding Celebrant will get to know you, will get to know your love story, become your confidant, so that on your wedding day it will feel as if you’ve know each other for a long time! Your Wedding Celebrant should be passionate about love and marriage, and that should  come across during the ceremony.Having a Wedding Celebrant led ceremony gives you so much freedom, which you do not have in the traditional church wedding.


One more thing: How to choose your Wedding Celebrant. This is important, as you want someone you connect with, so here goes:
Scan social media: instagram, fb and websites. Read the reviews on their websites written by other couples. Check them out: what’s the feeling you get when you look at their pictures? Do you resonate with what they say on fb, instagram and on their websites? Like what you see? Then contact them via their website, or send instagram or fb message, or call them. Set zoom calls if you are not in the same city or country. This way you get to see each other, and you pick up on their energy or feeling.Or, you can just contact me 🙂
So there you have it! The complete guide to finding your Wedding Celebrant.

One last important note: Please keep in mind that a Wedding celebrant will create a beautiful symbolic wedding ceremony for you, but is not authorized to proceed the legal part of it. To get your paperwork sorted please feel free to contact the Easy Wedding Georgia team.

PS: Feel free to visit my:

Written with much love from me, Theresa.


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