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Comparing an easy wedding in Bahrain versus Georgia

Comparing an easy wedding in Bahrain versus Georgia

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The Kingdom of Bahrain is a multicultural society that welcomes people from all parts of the world. Expats who come into this territory differ in their religions, nationalities, and languages. Sometimes, they may discover that there is a huge difference in the way and manner the Bahrain people conduct their affairs.

Marriage is a social activity that marks the beginning of a new family in Bahrain. However, religion plays a central role during the marriage ceremony. This article discusses the marriage processes in Bahrain and compares this with Georgia.

How is a marriage finalized in Bahrain?

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a Muslim-centered society, so marital affairs are conducted in adherence to the Family laws of the land. We will now consider standards for marriage in Bahrain.

  1. The bride’s consent: Before a marriage can be concluded in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the bride’s consent must be obtained. The groom also has to give his approval for the marriage.
  2. Payment of the Dowry: The groom must agree to dowry terms from the bride’s family. This is a precursor to legal marriage.
  3. Premarital health screening: The bride and the groom should complete a fitness test in a hospital. This is important because it acquaints the parties of their health status. Finally, the hospital used should be government-approved.
  4. Legalization: After all the steps above are fulfilled, a licensed solicitor can now join the couple in the courthouse.

Another important factor to note about a wedding in Bahrain is that the two parties or at least one of them should live in Bahrain. Therefore, they have to present an ID. Passports, birth certificates, and evidence that point to the annulment of a former union should be presented.

The difference between an easy wedding in Bahrain versus Georgia

The truth is that an easy wedding in Bahrain is only feasible for Muslim couples. It is better for expats from other religions and nationalities to go to countries like Georgia for their marriage. First, they do not have to live in this country, so an ID is not expected of them. Also, the laws do not require that they belong to any religion or ethnicity.

Another interesting fact about marriage in Georgia is its speed. A marriage can be registered within a day. Finally, the couple does not have to come with a lot of documents to seal their marriage.

If you are a Bahrain expat who is contemplating marriage, take your time to consider the marital expectations in this Kingdom. Book a consultation with our wedding expats to learn more about the marriage process in Georgia.

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