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A breakdown of the documents required for a court marriage in Dubai Vs Georgia


Documentation is a very important factor for people who want to marry. It is proof that the marriage union was officially sealed. In all countries, Dubai inclusive, the government requires potential couples to provide some documents.

The following discussion will help readers to know the vital documents required for court marriage in Dubai. You will also learn what is acceptable and what is not in this country.

Essential documents for marriage in Dubai

To get married in a Dubai court, it is important that the couple be residents, or at least one of them should be resident in Dubai. Also, the government expects them to provide passports, visas, and Emirates IDs. 

Next, the couple will come to the marriage court with copies of their birth certificates. If any or both of them had lost a former marriage mate in death, then the death certificate of the late party will need to be presented.

There are other important documents required for court marriage in Dubai. The divorce certificate is one of them. This is necessary in case anyone of the bride and groom had been previously married and now divorced. A premarital screening result will also be submitted along with a completed marriage application form.

An awesome alternative for couples who cannot have a Dubai court marriage

Georgia is a good alternative to Dubai court marriage. Couples should consider this wedding destination for many reasons. Compared to the Dubai court marriages that require one of the parties to be a resident in the country, that is not a requirement for Georgia. Expats are not limited to their churches and embassies in Georgia.

The above points prove that a Georgian marriage is a convenient choice. A marriage in this country requires few documents and procedures.

If you still wish to know more about the marital requirements in Georgia, reserve a session with our team of qualified wedding experts who will guide you on the best practices.

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