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UAE Marriage Requirements on a Visit Visa in 2021


In the United African States, all city-states are subject to Islamic laws. The UAE government changed its legislation a few months ago with respect to marriage, unmarried pregnancies, and alcohol usage. However, the new legislation is still not fully implemented. Therefore, knowing how the marriage procedure is done in the UAE is crucial. In this article, we will talk about the UAE Marriage Requirements on a Visit Visa in 2021.

Different Cases when You can Marry on a Visit Visa

Here are some of the cases where you can actually get married in the UAE on a visit visa.

Case 1

If a woman enters Dubai with her guardian or father on a visa, then her partner must have a visa for the residence. In addition, the female spouse must also undergo a medical test in order to be certified for a medical test.

Case 2

If the male partner is on a visit visa, then the legal document of the stepfather, brother, mother, dad, or legal guardian of the woman must be presented. Furthermore, if the woman is divorced or widowed, she must additionally provide evidence of the deceased or former spouse.

Case 3

Another unusual circumstance is that a Muslim woman must additionally present a no objection letter from her consulate or embassy if her father is not Muslim. The MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) must also verify this certificate, which must include a valid Arabic translation.

Case 4

If a woman is Jewish or Christian, she must have her father, legal guardians, or guardian’s deputy with her when she marries. If she is unable to do so, the judge can likewise serve as one of these. Finally, while married, the pair must invite two eyewitnesses.

Other UAE Marriage Requirements on a Visit Visa

There are some other requirements regarding marriage in Dubai on visit visa as well. The couple will also have to complete some last procedures, including presenting documentation for their respective countries of origin. For example, evidence of social standing, marriage license, and any other significant document. Aside from that, copies of the couple’s and the bride’s guardian’s original passports are required. Furthermore, proof of the identification of two witnesses is necessary.

Final Words on UAE Marriage Requirements on a Visit Visa

These are the basic circumstances in which you can marry in the UAE on a tourist visa in 2021. To save time and effort, consider contacting your respective embassy to learn about all of the regulations and criteria.

Let us know by commenting down below if you are on a visit visa in the UAE and want to get married. We’ll offer the most suitable solution right away.

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