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Saudi joins the Apostille Convention -Insight in Georgia weddings


For many expats around the world, Georgia has always been one of the most popular destinations to marry. The easy, fast, and hassle-free documentation makes it the top destination for couples of different nationalities and religions.

Majority of the couples that choose to marry in Georgia are often located in the GCC countries and choose to travel here because of the nature and easy travel options. In this article however; we shed light on the new law about Saudi joining the Apostille convention and what dos this mean for couples’ opting to get married in Georgia

New update on Saudi joining the HCCH Apostille Convention

Previously, any foreign document received from courts, notaries, or public authorities in Saudi Arabia required special scrutiny and legalization from higher authorities. This prolonged and complicated the legalization process.

To address this issue, keep in mind that Saudi Arabia has now signed the Hague Apostille Convention Abolishing the Legalization Requirement for Foreign Public Documents (“Convention”). This means that an apostille stamp issued by a foreign country would be considered sufficient proof for legalization and use in any other convention member country.

Concluding on the Saudi joining the Apostille Convention

With Saudi Arabia’s upcoming association agreement, the convention applies between the two Apostille countries involved. An apostille is sufficient to certify the validity of a document, eliminating the need for double-certification. This update is likely to reduce Saudi Arabia’s difficulty, deliverability, and possibly cost.

As Georgia is a part of Apostille convention this could pave path for couples choosing to marry in Georgia. However the agreement is still in its early stages and its too soon to comment. Stay tuned for more updates on this matter.

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