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Requirement for Georgia Wedding: What are the marriage requirements in Georgia?


Georgia is an ideal country to get married in. Not only is the whole country is breathtaking, but the general process is quite easy and hassle free. If you’re planning for a destination wedding in Georgia, here is what you need to know about Requirement for Georgia Wedding.

What are the prerequisites for Georgia Wedding?

Before taking the step in getting married, you first have to follow the laws of Georgia for marriage. You need to answer the following:

  • Are you of legal age?
    • You and your partner would both need to be 18 years or older to get married. In case you are getting married between the age of 16-18, then you would need to submit a birth certificate as well as consent from the parents
  • Are you single, married or divorced?
    • If both couples are single then it would be a lot easier. However, if you did have a previous marriage, then there would be additional documents for you to submit before you can proceed.

Once these questions have been asked and clarified. Then you can start preparing for your marriage certificate. As per the official Georgian government website, you would need to submit

  1. Identification Documents for both parties; translated to Georgian and notarized
  2. Joint written application of the people getting married
  3. For second marriage; proof of termination of the previous marriage (i.e. divorce papers, etc.)
  4. Two witnesses; if witnesses are foreigners, translated and notarized identification documents are required

Once these have been prepared and submitted then your application has been started and you should receive your marriage license once the process has completed. This should take not more than a day.

Final Word on Requirement for Georgia Wedding: What are the marriage requirements in Georgia?

Now, what is of the utmost importance is having your wedding license recognized legal in the country you will reside in. This step would depend on which country it is as the process does differ. Contact your lawyers or our team to know what would be needed to have your document legalized in your country. And don’t forget to check out our legal checklist before you start planning!

Did you think it was this easy to get married? Where else can you get this convenience for marriage?

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