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Marriage Georgia Requirements: How to get married in Georgia when you live in the UAE (and other GCC countries)?


If you live in the GCC and you are looking for a simple option to get married, Georgia is usually one of the best options for you. Keep on reading to find out how to get married in Georgia if you live in GCC and what are Marriage Georgia Requirements.

What is the Marriage Georgia Requirements for GCC residents?

Georgia is nowadays one of the best options in terms of cost, services, time and process to get married.

To get married in Georgia you will need your passport, passport translation and two witnesses to come with you, to make your wedding official. Whenever you have all of the above you can make an appointment at the Public Service Hall in Tbilisi to sign the documents. We have composed a legal checklist that may also help you. And if you are considering getting married in Dubai instead you should definitely check this blogpost to know the difference.

Once you sign the wedding certificate it will take a few hours to a few days to receive it.

Will your Georgian marriage be valid in the GCC countries?

Please notice that at this stage your wedding certificate is valid only in Georgia, you will have to register it through your embassy to make sure that it is recognized, and to register in the country you are planning to move to or to live in. 

So for instance if you are looking to get married in Dubai, you can get married in Georgia and register the wedding certificate directly at the embassy.

On the other side Georgia provides Apostille wedding certificates, which means over hundred countries recognize the wedding certificate as official.

Please make sure that you contact your embassy if you have particular questions. Each case is different, each nationality and each country have their own way of recognizing it or not.

Final Words on Marriage Georgia Requirements: How to get married in Georgia when you live in the UAE (and other GCC countries)?

All we can tell you is that in 2019 and 2020 Georgia is definitely one of the best options to get married. And if you don’t feel like dealing with the wedding organization legalization you can always choose on of our packages. sit back and relax while we do all the work for you.

What do you think would be the best city in Georgia for your wedding? Tell us in the comments below!

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