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How can expats in Saudi Arabia have an easy wedding in Georgia?


For an expat living in Saudi Arabia, it can be quite hectic to plan your wedding. To save you all the trouble, we have compiled everything you need to know to make your dream wedding come to life in Georgia.

In this article; we answer some of the most asked questions by Saudi expats wanting to marry here.

Difficulties of getting married in Saudi Arabia

Marriage in Saudi Arabia is sacred. It also comes with a complicated process since Saudi Arabia has strict laws. Due to the strictness of these laws, inter-faith marriages are not recognized. For expats living in Saudi, it is preferable to have your wedding outside of Saudi Arabia and register it once you’re back. This article contains a compilation of the requirements and conditions to steer clear of any tricky legal situations. If getting married in Saudi Arabia is the only option for you then contact your respective embassy for guidance through the process.

How to have an easy wedding in Saudi Arabia as a Non-Muslim expat

Since Saudi Arabia doesn’t offer favorable and well-timed ways for non-Muslim expats to get married, it is recommended to pick a destination easy wedding in an exotic country like Georgia. Georgia offers a more simple and easy process of marriage. A legal marriage certificate can then be registered at the civil affairs office. Non-Muslim expats can also choose an easy online wedding in case of an inter-faith marriage. This is also an appropriate option for expats who have incomplete paperwork.

How to get married in Georgia as an expat in Saudi Arabia:

  • Valid documents of identity (passport)
  • Witnesses (at least two are required by the government)
  • Registration fee
  • A written application by both the parties to be filled on the spot
  • Proof of termination of any previous marriage may be required in case of a second marriage.

It is very important that you collect all documents which are needed to get married in Georgia.

Easy wedding solutions for Saudi expats

Since Saudi Arabia is a GCC country, the laws are restrictive for expats living there. It leaves Saudi Arabia as an unsuitable choice. A beautiful destination dream wedding or an easy online wedding seems like a much more hassle-free option.

Still struggling to find an easy wedding idea as an expat in Saudi? Contact our marriage consultants on our team for more guidance!

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