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How Does Marriage License Look Like in Georgia: Is the Georgian wedding license legal?


If you’re wondering is Georgia wedding legal and how does marriage license look like in Georgia then this is the right place for you. The Georgian wedding certificate is legit. But you will have three steps to go through to make sure that you can use it.

What are the steps of legalizing your Georgian marriage license?

  1. The wedding certificate will have to be translated and notarized. Most of the time in English or in your own language. 
  2. You will have to get it registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Georgia
  3. And you will have to get it registered at your own embassy. Either your embassy in Georgia or your embassy in the country you live in. 

So yes the Georgian wedding certificate is legal and recognized and official.

Why choosing Easy Wedding Georgia to help with your wedding certificate?

The answer is simple: to make your life easier! The mentioned above steps of legalizing your wedding certificate in Georgia are quite easy already and you can easily do them by yourself. But isn’t it better to have someone else doing it for you while you can go on with your life?

So how does it work? The only step you will need to do by yourself in this case is to actually get married. And then you can go on and enjoy The beautiful country of Georgia or fly back to the country where you live.

Meanwhile our Georgian team will take care of the rest of the paperwork. Your wedding certificate will be translated, notarized and registered at both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and your the embassy of the country where you reside.

Final word on How Does Marriage License Look Like in Georgia: Is the Georgian wedding license legal?

After that your ready certificate will be shipped from our Georgian office to our Dubai office, where you can receive it. If you live in the other GCC country, not in the UAE, your wedding certificate will shipped to you directly. It’s that easy! Check out our article about a Georgian wedding to know more about it.

Are you a GCC resident? Tell us your city in the comments! Let’s see where do we have more readers.

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