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How to dress for an outdoor winter wedding


There is no doubt that Georgia will be freezing in the winter. Tbilisi, the capital city on the other hand, rarely falls below zero degrees (Celsius). The average December temperature of 5 degrees, and snowfall is regular is other parts of the mountain areas which are very common as a wedding destination such as Kazbegi and Gudauri.

With the winter wedding season quickly approaching, we thought we’d provide some tips on how to dress for an outdoor winter wedding. One of the most difficult aspects of attending a winter outdoor wedding is maintaining a smart appearance while being comfortable.

Dressing tips for an outdoor winter wedding

Clothes for your winter wedding

  • Wear extra layers and think about investing in a good multi-purpose insulated jacket that you can use on other days as well.
  • When shopping for dresses, seek for styles that wrap you up a little more, such as long – sleeved, floor length, and numerous layers of fabric, which will make you feel comfortable while also looking stunning.
  • Wear thermals under your dresses to stay nice and cozy especially if the wedding event is outdoors.

Extras & Accessories

  • Hats, mittens, and scarves are not only fashionable but also practical for keeping you warm. Even if you don’t plan on wearing a hat before the ceremony, bring them along. You can use them once the main photos have been taken.
  • Swap gloves for mittens for toasty fingers, and for added warmth, a pair of silk or wool glove liners for inside your mittens.

Shoes for an outdoor wedding in the winters

  • And the most important aspect; of the outdoor winter wedding is the snow factor which means good shoes. Wear suitable winter boots with a good bottom tread. There are also a lot of extremely nice-looking ones on the market right now.

If you find these dressing tips helpful; share them with someone who might be attending a winter wedding in the outdoors. Talk to our team to plan your outdoor winter wedding.

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