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Is Georgia Cheaper Than Dubai When It Comes to Legal Wedding Cost?


One of the most commonly practiced things that almost all expats do is to save money. That’s because living abroad can be very expensive especially if you’re living in Dubai. Moreover, if you have moved to this place of the world to make your living and you’re unmarried then this article is for you. That’s because sooner or later you will be getting married and you must know the legal wedding cost that you will have to spend on your marriage. Keep on reading to find out if marrying in Dubai is the right option for you or you should opt for some better alternative which this article also explains.

Documents Costs for Dubai Wedding

There is a long list of documents and requirements that you need to fulfill in order to complete your marriage process while living in Dubai. Some of the most important legal wedding cost on documents are:

  • A pre-marriage screening test that you must undergo as it’s a prerequisite to the marriage will cost you from AED 250 to AED 900 depending upon the type of medical center you choose.
  • The form attestation fee of the MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) that you will have to pay for the documents that you need to get attested from this institute is AED 160.
  • The Dubai court fee that carries out the wedding process is AED 1800.
  • Moreover, you will also have to pay for the legalization process of your marriage in your origin country. The cost of this process varies from country to country. However, every stamp in your origin country can cost you about 45 US dollars.

Final Word on Is Georgia Cheaper Than Dubai When It Comes to Legal Wedding!

Again, it’s just the cost that you will need to spend on the legal processes. The major expenses would be at the venue, reception, and dressing. If you can’t afford to spend this load of money then you should opt for marrying in Georgia. Here, you can get your complete wedding process done in just about AED 10,000 (for the legal requirements only). Moreover, you’ll also have a calming and relaxing time to spend with your partner away from your daily hectic and busy routine.

Consider sharing this valuable information with your friends and family members who live in Dubai and want to get married. It might save them a pretty penny.

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