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Muslims in Georgia for Marriage – How Can Muslims Get Married Dubai Vs Georgia?


Dubai attracts countless foreigners because of the plethora of opportunities it has to offer. That’s why countless people come to Dubai to make their living and most of them are Muslims. For that matter, in Dubai, most of the wedding happens among Muslims. But getting married for Muslims in Dubai is really the right option for you? This article will inform you about the requirements for Muslims in Georgia for marriage and how Wedding and religion works there.

Wedding Requirements in Dubai Vs Georgia for Muslims

In order to get married in Dubai for Muslims is certainly possible but it can cost a lot of time as the list of requirements is very long. The first step for the couple is to register for their marriage in UAE’s Sharia court. Moreover, they’ll need to comply with the following:

  • If both of the spouses are Muslims, they’re allows getting married
  • If the man is Muslim, he can marry a Non-Muslim woman but she must be from the religion of the book such as Christian or Jew
  • The Muslim woman can’t marry a Non-Muslim man unless he converts to Islam
  • Both the bride and the groom will need to have an original birth certificate, original passport, and pre-marriage medical certificate.
  • The premarital medical certificate must be acquired from the approved and authorized medical facilities
  • The presence of two Muslim witnesses at the sharia court on the day of the wedding
  • The bride will need to have her father or guardian present at the court on the day of the wedding
  • Both the bride and the groom must provide certificates that inform the court about their current marital status such as divorced, widowed, or single
  •  If the bride’s father can’t reach the court on the wedding day his proxy is required
  • The bride will need to provide the court with the “No Objection” letter from her embassy if her father is a Non-Muslim

Concluding Muslims in Georgia for Marriage – How Can Muslims Get Married Dubai Vs Georgia?

These are some of the most significant and common requirements for Muslims to get married in Dubai. Undoubtedly, it’s a long and hectic procedure but you can avoid all of it by opting for getting married in Georgia. It’s a hassle-free and efficient process that will cost you the least possible time.

If you know a Muslim looking for the easiest way to get married, share this guide with them to save their day.

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