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Why to Marry in Georgia: Top 5 reasons why getting married in Georgia is a good idea


Georgia is your best possible marriage getaway if you reside in the middle east and are looking to tie the knot without emptying much of your pocket. It’s a cost saving deal that offers stunning landscapes, an efficient marriage registration procedure at a neighbors distance to the UAE. Whether you are single, divorced, separated or widowed or if you need to be married quickly, Georgia is the place to be.

With the rapid influx of foreigners in the UAE, famously being an Islamic country, the rise of interfaith relationships has gone up. Dubai, which follows Islamic Law, is quite keen about expats following the laws of the city. Keeping this in mind, UAE has a tiresome process to get married let alone if you are from a different faith. So we are here to provide information on a rather impressive, cheap and beautiful alternative that is the country of Georgia.

Here’s Why to Marry In Georgia and you can also find Georgia Marriage Requirements here.

#1 Proximity to the GCC makes Georgia an affordable destination wedding getaway you can’t refuse 


It’s one of the biggest reasons Why to Marry In Georgia. The country is almost at a neighbors distance. A flight of about approximately three and a half hours is not only short but also affordable to fly with. What’s more, flight fares run as low as 600 AED on non peak times and less than 1500 AED on peak times.

#2 The Georgian marriage certificate is legal in 100+ countries 

With an internationally recognized marriage certificate, Georgia has become a highly attractive wedding destination for couples. Whether you are divorced, widowed or even single, with a few documents. You can find a detailed list of the documents that you have to present to start registering your marriage to obtain a license as per the official website of the government in Georgia here.

The legal Georgian marriage certificate is recognized by the law of Georgia under the Civil status act. As Georgia is a member of the Apostille Convention, your marriage certificate is legal in countries that are recognized as member states of the convention, provided it is apostilled.

#3 If you are looking for the best deal to get married, Georgia is where you should be 

It’s an ideal marriage destination for saving money while enjoying delicious food and living affordably in a hotel. An average hotel can cost as low as 25$ a night. Food plays an important part when you experience a new destination, especially when in Georgia! Georgians take their food as no joke and so should you! In Tbilisi, you’ll find great restaurants to fill your face with the delicious Georgian cuisine as well as cute bars and café’s to relax and unwind.

#4 Getting officially married in Georgia can take less than 48 hours

Did you know that with our help, you can get married and obtain your internationally recognized, legal marriage certificate in less than 48 hours ?

All you need is your passport and maybe a few more documents if you are divorced, you can review the list of documents to bring when you get married in Georgia here. Yes, you heard us right,  getting legally married is quick , cheap & doesn’t take much at all. Its fast and modern legalization process makes Georgia a top rated marriage destination for couples who would like to tie the knot without completely emptying their pockets. 

Only with your passport you can get legally married in one day, have a beautiful and cheap honeymoon while we process the boring legalization part and send it to your home once it is ready.

#5 Tie the knot under unforgettable Georgian views

Imagine you and your better half decided on forever under Georgia’s beautiful skyline or in an ancient church or even a garden with lush green grass almost perfect to capture your once in a lifetime moment ? Well Georgia has it all. You can check out some great wedding venues here. Not only will you be looking back at these moments one day but you’ll also get a holiday blessing in disguise as the country offers it to its tourists. This could be the getaway you’ve been looking for before living together with your life partner.

Once you file for marriage in Georgia, it is possible to get your marriage license within half a day. Yes, it is that fast. Contact our team and we would gladly guide you through the full process.

Georgia is an amazing country if you decide to get married there. It is gorgeous and if the above is any indication, it is quite hassle free. All you need to do is provide us with required documents and be present with your loved one in such a great place and you’ll officially be married in no time.

Concluding Why to Marry in Georgia: Top 5 reasons why getting married in Georgia is a good idea

Whether you want to save money or even make your wedding day memorable with Georgian views or even if you’re divorced, Georgia offers an opportunity for everyone. We hope these places are enough to understand Why to Marry In Georgia.

What would be for you the best reason to consider Georgia as the best destination to get married?

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