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Located in the Caucasus region, Georgia offers a unique and unforgettable experience for couples looking to get married. The country boasts stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, making it an ideal destination for a romantic wedding. Whether it’s exchanging vows on a mountaintop or amidst the vineyards, Georgia’s diverse geography provides a variety of scenic locations for your special day.

In addition, Georgia is also home to a rich cultural tradition that adds a touch of magic to a wedding celebration. From traditional cuisine, music, and dance to the warm hospitality of the Georgian people, let your couple experience a true wedding in a magnificent location

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Most frequent questions

There is nothing clear & easy when it comes to getting married in a foreign country with someone of a different nationality. We have the answers you are looking for.

A close-up comparison of how to get married in the UAE vs Georgia
The UAE, which consists of seven emirates, is a hotbed for many economic engagements and this is why so many expats seal their marriages in this territory. Couples who look forward to new experiences might want to know how to get married in the UAE and Georgia. These two nations are renowned for their welcoming nature. If a couple wants to marry in any of the two nations mentioned above, they have to know and keep abreast with the relevant…
Get married in UAE VS Georgian
The Marriage Laws in Dubai & other GCC countries make it incredibly hard for couples of different nationalities to get married. This is why many; This is why so many UAE residents have selected Georgia as their wedding location. And let’s face it; Georgia has beautiful warm weather throughout the year, making it an ideal location for a wedding. WEDDING IN GEORGIA FOR INTERFAITH COUPLES when it comes to paperwork and documentation…
If you’re pregnant in the UAE but haven’t married, why is marriage in Georgia the answer?
The United Arab Emirates said on 27th Nov, 2021 that a new criminal code will take effect in January as part of the Gulf state’s “most extensive legal reform in history.” According to the new criminal code; while being pregnant outside a wedlock is not illegal; couples must choose to get married or be accountable for the child. If not; this is a punishable offense. Read more to understand; the impact of these laws in your current situ…
Hen party ideas outside Dubai for UAE residents
Congratulations to all the brides this year. Planning a wedding is stressful and taking time for yourself is even more challenging. You must be planning to throw a bachelorette before your Big Day. Especially if you are a Dubai resident, you must be hunting for different locations to have some privacy with your girlfriends and fun. Most GCC locals choose Georgia as their bachelor party destination as it is inexpensive, surrounded by beach…
How can expats in Saudi Arabia have an easy wedding in Georgia?
For an expat living in Saudi Arabia, it can be quite hectic to plan your wedding. To save you all the trouble, we have compiled everything you need to know to make your dream wedding come to life in Georgia. In this article; we answer some of the most asked questions by Saudi expats wanting to marry here. Difficulties of getting married in Saudi Arabia Marriage in Saudi Arabia is sacred. It also comes with a complicated process since…
The UAE new laws issuance changes a portion of its family laws. The new laws will without a doubt make it simple for multicultural unmarried occupants to cohabitate. It’s critical to remember that these Marriage Laws UAE are taking effect immediately. It permits unmarried couples to share a home lawfully. The Effects of UAE New Laws Issuance The UAE government is endeavoring to continue to be an ideal destination for foreigners to live….
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