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Easy Wedding Office expanding to new a space in Dubai


We are excited to announce that our team is growing and that we will be opening in a new location. Easy Wedding has been helping couples marry in Georgia since its inception with offices in Dubai, UAE, and Seychelles. However, now with the new office; we are ready to meet with our couples based in GCC.

New Office Announcements

We are moving to a new facility on Dubai Internet City to better serve our expat couples from the GCC. We made this decision after a lengthy search for a new office location that could meet our current and future needs, and we are thrilled to call this our new home.

We will continue to provide the same fast service at our new location, which will allow us more one-on-one time with our customers and the incentive for more personalized services to help them get married without any inconveniences.

You can continue to reach us on 800 0320843 or our local Georgian number +995322473985

Come and Say hello to team at Dubai at the new office.

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