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How does the new personal laws in Abu Dhabi affect weddings in Georgia ?


Many weddings that take place in Georgia are from couples that live in the GCC countries. The marriage laws in the GCC countries mainly rely on the Islamic Sharia principles does not permit a Muslim to marry in non Muslim without converting.

However; in the latest move by the United Arab Emirates to keep its competitive edge as a regional business powerhouse that government has made a few amendments.

What does the new law in UAE state

According to a new edict published on Sunday by Abu Dhabi’s ruler, non-Muslims would be permitted to marry, divorce, and have shared child custody under civil law. This came into accordance with Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan of Abu Dhabi, who is also president of the UAE federation of seven emirates.

The civil legislation governing non-Muslim family matters, according to the report, is the first of its sort in the world and is “in line with international best practices.”

Impact of these new laws on weddings in Georgia

Since inter-caste marriages are prohibited in most GCC countries; couples from other faiths often prefer Georgia. Getting married in Georgia simple, easy and does not require much of documentation.

While there might be a few couples who might want to wait until legislations fall into place and then choose to get married. We still think many would yet opt for Georgia for it quick one day marriage.

Final verdict on getting married in Georgia

Getting married in Georgia is a dream come true for many couples; Muslims or non muslims. Moreover; its just a 3 hour flight away from most GCC countries and visa free for most. Unlike the UAE; getting married in Georgia is relatively reasonable. And finally what steals the show is the beautiful mountains this country has to offer.

Whether you are looking for a summer wedding or in the winters; the mountains never fail to take your breath-away.

Are you a GCC couple; contemplating about getting married in Abu Dhabi or Georgia; book a call with the team and discuss your wedding situation.

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