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Georgia or Abu Dhabi – Know the Hottest Destination to get married this spring


Planning an outdoorsy wedding with tons of historic charm then Georgia is your place. Whether you are planning an urban deli or a beautiful farmhouse with mountainside views this place offers you all. While on the other hand, Abu Dhabi is known to be one of the dreamiest places to get married.

In this article; we help you decide your wedding planners and destinations in Abu Dhabi or Georgia.

Abu Dhabi wedding planning checklist

The groom, the bride, and her guardian, or their attorneys, must all be present in person. Applicants must complete the following steps in order to submit a marriage application:

  • Make an appointment or contact a wedding agency to do on their behalf.
  • Submit your application and the relevant documentation.
  • Approve the application ( from the groom, bride, and her guardian or by the attorney of either party).
  • You must pay the fees.
  • To finalize the marriage contract, sign the marriage contract registry log in front of the marriage officer. The groom, the bride, and her guardian, or their attorneys, as well as two competent witnesses, shall sign the log.
  • You will be given two copies of the marriage contract (one copy for the husband and one for the wife).

Hire the Right Abu Dhabi Wedding Planner

Sometimes; the legal paperwork is not all that easy like it sounds. That’s where picking the right wedding planners or agency comes in hand. They handle everything on your behalf; from the paperwork to legalizing your wedding in the country you choose to move in.

Additionally as your wedding day approaches, the Abu Dhabi marriages wedding planner team will help you coordinate with vendors and create a timetable of activities for the day.

Choosing between Abu Dhabi & Georgia

While the process at Abu Dhabi might seem easy; it is crucial that both parties have all their documents in place. Georgia; on the other hand offers easy documentation and the only document asked in your passport. Moreover; its easier to get a wedding date here and marry as soon as possible.

Still confused about your wedding in Georgia or Abu Dhabi; connect with our team of expert wedding planners to help pave the way.

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