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Marriage in Georgia for Expats: Expats of which nationalities and religions can be married in Georgia?


When you live in the GCC the chances that your partner is from a different country are usually pretty high. The chances that your partner is of a different religion are also very high. So Georgia is one of the best options for that because marriage in Georgia for expats is so easy.. Find out the Georgia Marriage laws and rules for different nationalities.

The list of the nationalities from Expats can get married in Georgia

You could be from Asia: filipino, indonesian – any of the asian countries is usually fine.

You could be from Europe, you could be from America. 

Georgia is offering an apostille wedding certificate. Which means over a hundred countries recognize the wedding certificate as official.

So Georgia is one of the best options for people of every nationality for getting married. 

So far we haven’t found any nationality that could not get married in Georgia. 

If you have any doubts or questions you can ask the question directly at your home embassy.

Why getting married in Georgia if your couple is international or has different religions?

The answer is simple: the process is super easy. You don’t need to change your religion and it really doesn’t matter what parts of the world you are from. Everybody is welcome in Georgia. They understand in Georgia that love has no borders and no limits, it exists not because of some rules but despite them.

Moreover, the flights from GCC countries to Georgia are short and cheap, the prices for the hotels, food and services are very affordable, and of course, the nature and cuisine there is just breathtaking.

Check out our Custom wedding package to make sure to have a not only a breathtaking trip but a breathtaking wedding ceremony as well.

Concluding Marriage in Georgia for Expats: Expats of which nationalities and religions can be married in Georgia?

Georgia is a rare combination of all the mentioned above benefits that’s why it really does make one of the best destinations for getting married.

Do you know any interesting international couples? Tell us their countries in the comments! By the way did you know that the founders of Easy Wedding Georgia are a France + Paraguay family?

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