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Marriage for Foreigner in Georgia

Marriage for Foreigner in Georgia: Can foreigners marry in Georgia if they are of different nationalities?

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Not only can you and your future spouse get married being foreigners in Georgia, the procedure is quite easy as long as you know what to do. The regulations in Georgia do allow foreign couples to get married despite being from different countries and have different cultural practices. find out more about Marriage for Foreigner in Georgia.

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How does Marriage for Foreigner?

Georgia provides options between a civil wedding and a religious wedding depending on your preference. A civil wedding is marriage that is recognized by the law and a religious wedding is marriage that is recognized by God.

Frankly, the country of Georgia does not restrict itself on religions and nationalities. As long as you provide the correct documents, Georgia will approve of your marriage. It should also be noted that Georgia is a member of the Apostille Convention, which makes your marriage certificate legal in countries that are also a member, provided it is apostilled.

Are there other laws that would prevent my marriage in Georgia?

Georgia as a country is quite undemanding in terms of its requirements, however they have internal laws which they have to abide by. The country as a whole has done a massive step forward in terms of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) rights in Georgia in terms of hate crime and employment. However, the highly traditional Orthodox Christian values of the country still reflect in some of its laws. Same-sex marriage is not possible in the country of Georgia.

Despite also being quite liberal in their visa policy, some nationalities may find it difficult to simply enter the country to begin with. Countries like Saudi Arabia, are required to provide additional documents even before boarding to Georgia. You also have to consider that having your marriage license valid in the country you would reside in is very important. Some countries make it difficult to legalize your marriage license in their embassies.

Concluding Marriage for Foreigner in Georgia?

Yes. Despite having different nationalities, you can get married in Georgia. However, what happens after you receive your marriage license and make sure this document will be valid for you later on is important. If you want to know the specific process for you and your partner’s nationality, contact our legal team to provide more insight.

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