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Dubai Vs Georgia Wedding in 2021: Cheap Wedding Packages Georgia


Count yourself fortunate if you’re married and live in Dubai. Because not everybody in this area of the globe can afford to get married. Not just for the extensive list of criteria but also for the costs. You may even have a prodigious marriage, which can easily cost you up to 1 million AED, without a doubt. You still have to organize approximately 200,000 AED even if you choose for a simple wedding. Moreover, you might not enjoy the experience that you had always dreamt of due to COVID-19. Here we are talking about how cheap wedding packages in Georgia are cheaper for GCC expats who want to get married.

Usual Expenses to Marry in Dubai

Most girls grow up fantasizing about how they will look on their wedding day. A basic wedding with no frills, fancies, or embroidery can set you back at least 15,000 AED. After that, the sky isn’t even the limit. It’s difficult to find a bridal gown for less than 10,000 AED. Aside from that, at least 10,000 AED will be added to the price of shoes, make-up, and hair.

Not to mention the cost of your jeweler as much as you’d want. West brides often need to spend 3,000 AED on their wedding jewelry. Furthermore, South-East Asian brides generally spend between 5,000-30,000 AED.

Final Words Dubai Vs Georgia Wedding in 2021: Cheap Wedding Packages Georgia

You don’t have to spend so much money on your marriage if you can’t afford it. That is because there is a lot better alternative that you can opt for today which is none other than getting married in Georgia. You can choose any of the Georgia wedding packages according to your needs. The truth is that you may complete your entire wedding procedure for less than AED 10,000. (to cover all the legal requirements). It may sound surreal, but it is entirely true.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you are a GCC expat and want to get married on a budget.

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