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Average price of a weekend in Georgia


For a traveller, the average price of a weekend in Georgia would be about 200 GEL (lari), you should consider at least having a budget of at least 50 GEL, considering that you won’t be eating at the posh places and rather going to the more regional food stalls either on the street or local food centers. So let’s say a three days trip in Georgia will cost approximately 200 GEL which is $65 (USD) which is the least you can spend in Georgia, this doesn’t include flight tickets of course.

For most western travelers, the Caucasian country of Georgia remains an exotic travel destination, a location that many visitors from North America, Europe or even the Middle East know almost close to nothing about. Though Georgia is increasing its presence in international travel publications and its cuisine is beginning to gain global traction, people still stay inquisitive about this Eastern European heaven and one of the top considerations on their mind is their budget. Many potential travelers are flustered with the questions regarding the cost of traveling to Georgia.

 Is Georgia expensive? And how much will travelling to Georgia cost?

That’s exactly what this article will address. The answer to this question is that it depends on what you spend your money on. It depends on various factors such as did you get a package or are you paying separately for hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, etc. Let’s address this as three separate costs: accommodation, sightseeing & food.

Cost of accommodation in Georgia

Accommodation options are varied here.  From both luxurious, midrange, budget hotels, to apartments and hostels. While there is a number of unappealing hostels in town, Tbilisi is home to several beautiful hostels you might not want to leave. You can also choose AirBnB for your desired trip if you are looking for a more authentic travel experience. Hotels begin from about 29$ (USD) a night and go up to 70-80$ or higher for a luxurious alternative.

Hostels would cost much less – around 12 GEL a night. You can check out and compare various accommodation options here.

Sightseeing Prices in Tbilisi 

Consider tours and activities you can do when it comes to defining the cost of travel in Georgia. Good news! You don’t really have to pay for entrance in most places which is what makes Georgia such a budget friendly destination for tourists, couples, backpackers or even students.

Most sightseeing is free. And most people prefer hiking but if you are considering any other activities, then the most popular option is horse riding or cycling in the mountain areas. 

Cost of food in Georgia

The food in this eastern European country is one thing you shouldn’t miss.  In Georgia you can consume about 3 meals for 50 GEL, but it depends where. If you visit the restaurant, each meal costs 15-30 GEL, soft drinks 2 GEL etc. But if you have the same meal in different regions of Georgia, it will cost about a half of the initial cost. If you choose fast food, in that case even 20 GEL is enough. However, we’d always recommend you to experiment with food. It is the one way you can get to know more about the country as a traveller as well as try something you.


Planning a trip to Georgia some time soon? Email us if you want your trip to be unique and unforgettable. We have our very personal tour guide Alex there and he will be happy to help you.

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