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Is The Georgian Wedding Legit | Planning to get married in Tbilisi? Let us help you!

Is the Georgian wedding legit?

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Yes. Georgia provides an apostille wedding certificate. Which means as any apostille document it is legal, official and recognized in over a 100 countries. 

Is there any additional requirements to you Georgian wedding certificate?

You need to know that this wedding certificate will have to be registered through your embassy. Translated and registered at the same time at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Georgia. 

How to register your marriage license in Georgia?

The process of registering your wedding certificate once you got married in Georgia includes only the three steps mentioned above.

To make them happen you will need to book an appointments at the notary, at your embassy, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If you are not willing to do the paperwork by yourself, Easy Wedding Georgia can help you with it. Our Georgian team can book all the appointments and proceed the legalization of your wedding certificate even without you.

The whole process usually take about a week or two. It depends on public holidays and on the appointment availability just like in any other country. Please note that it doesn’t mean that you have to stay in Georgia unless you want to. If you don’t have the luxury of having time off, you are safe to fly back home right away after your wedding.

Easy Wedding Georgia has offices in both Georgia and UAE (Dubai) so your wedding certificate will be fully legalized and shipped to you once it’s done.

If you do decide to stay in Georgia after getting married, there are plenty of amazing things to do. Starting from the road trips and beautiful sceneries to nice SPA sessions and delicious local cuisine. You will never regret your choice!

What country are you from? Tell us in the comments and we will check for you if Georgia has your country embassy!

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