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Is it easy for an expat to get married in Abu Dhabi Vs Georgia


Both residents and expats can get married in the Abu Dhabi and in the rest of the UAE. However; it is important to note that UAE follows the Sharia law. While the law allows a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman, a Muslim woman must produce proof of her husband’s Islam conversion.

In this article we discuss if it is easy for an expat marriage in Abu Dhabi Vs if he/she were to choose to get married in Georgia.

Documents needed for Muslim expats marriage in Abu Dhabi

The most essential legal requirements for Muslim weddings are as follows:

  • A marriage contract must be registered with a Sharia court in the UAE.
  • The legal age to marry is 18 years; otherwise, the marriage must be approved by a judge.
  • If one spouse’s age is more than twice that of the other, the marriage must be approved by the judge.
  • A premarital screening certificate is necessary.
  • Both the partners should be present on the day of the wedding.
  • Two male Muslim witnesses, as well as the bride’s father or his proxy, must be present.
  • A woman’s guardian must give her consent before she can marry.
  • The presence of the next closest male guardian, such as an older brother, is required if the father dies.

Requirements for Non-Muslim expats marriage

Non-Muslims can complete their wedding requirements at the following locations:

  • In the UAE, they can contact their country’s embassy or consulate.
  • Depending on their beliefs, they may visit a temple or a church.
  • Some countries require citizens to register their intent to marry with their embassy or consulate in the UAE.
  • Consult your embassy and take the appropriate steps. Both parties’ embassies in the UAE must register the marriage.

In conclusion to getting married in Georgia Vs Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi does make it simple to marry in the nation if you have the proper paperwork. We’ve seen problems arise time and time again when one or both partners are from a different country or nationality.

This is where Georgia rises to the occasion. As a country; Georgia is extremely liberal and friendly. You can get married in Georgia in just about one day and at half the cost you would be spending at a wedding in Abu Dhabi. We also recommend that couples seek expert help from those who can put your papers together for you, saving you time and unwanted stress.

Still confused between getting married in Abu Dhabi Vs Georgia; book a consultation with us right away!

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