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How To Obtain A Marriage License In Georgia | How to get legal marriage certificate in Georgia

Marriage Registration Georgia: How to obtain a marriage license in Georgia

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Georgia’s regulations have provided foreigners with a quick and easy way to acquire a marriage license in Georgia. As easy as it sounds like, be ready for a ride to learn how to marry in Georgia!

What are the laws and regulations in Georgia when it comes to marriage?

These are the documents that you would need to submit to start the process of your marriage license as per the official website of the government in Georgia.

What are the official documents requested in Georgia to get married

  • Joint written application of persons intending to get married;
  • Identity documents of persons intending to get married;
  • In case of registration of marriage of a person aged 16 – 18, the birth certificate of a minor and a written consent of parents, consent of a guardian and document certifying his/her guardianship powers, or a court decision on the consent to marriage;
  • In case of a person’s second marriage, a document certifying the termination of previous marriage;
  • If an application is submitted by a representative of a person intending to get married, documents certifying power of representation and identity of representative.

Quite simple in practice, however the process does not stop here. This leads us to

What happens after you obtain your marriage license in Tbilisi?

Once you have received your marriage certificate it is now of the utmost to have this document be valid in the country you are residing. This means that the certificate would need an apostille to make it legally valid. Also, the certificate would need to be submitted to the respective embassy, which means that the document should be translated to the main language the embassy would be using. This whole process could take up to a week at best. There is no unique way of doing it and every country has their own processes according to their laws which would require additional documents. For instance, France is part of the apostille convention but to have it validated there you would require a lot more documents.

What can you do if you want to get married in Georgia,Tbilisi?

If you are trying to obtain a marriage license in Georgia, then we provide you with two scenarios. You can book a holiday week off with the loved one to Georgia, have all the required documents in hand and submit the application on your own terms on your own time. Or, you can contact us, have a discussion on what the expectations are, and have us do all the bureaucracy for you. Check our paperwork wedding packages to know your options. You can enjoy Georgia to your heart’s content and you will have your marriage license sent to you. Keep in mind that we even have people flying way and return on the same day!

Getting the marriage license in Georgia is quite simple, you can even do it yourself. The real complications come when you’re trying to get the right certificate, for the right reasons, before going to another country. This is when you will need help. Go ahead and the the legal checklist we have prepared to know what your particular situation requires.

But, from what we’ve just explained, what do you think would be best for you? Would you prefer to marry over a week of holidays or a weekend without using any leave?

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